In the title of this blog (Coaching, Trailer Park, and the Missio Dei) the term Missio Dei probably needs some explaining. As I alluded to in the opening post I have been having difficulties understanding how the Lord was linking coaching Cheerleading, moving to a trailer park some thirty miles away work together. I must admit that I am a bit confused. Based on how I have understood a calling there really is not a specific area of which I can identify. For example, some people I go to school with have been called to foreign missions, others to pastor churches, others to plant churches, some to be youth pastors, etc. However, God called me to two totally unconnected places. This reality lead me to ask the question; “how do they connect?”

The answer lies in the Missio Dei. What is that? The Missio Dei is latin for “the mission of God”. Before you go and get all impressed, I do not know Latin, I just read a few books. In a nutshell, the Missio Dei is God’s plan to redeem man kind back to Himself. You see the missio of God in action throughout the scriptures. The argument is made that this is what the scriptures are showing us, God’s revelation of the His interaction in humanity and redemptive works throughout history. Be it as it may, the answer must be God’s mission.

Just read the Bible, it is all over the place. The biggest being the incarnation. God became flesh, lived among us, suffered for us, and raised to life redeeming us to Himself. God is on mission, and when Jesus went to be with the Father He extended that mission to us. In what is known as the Great Commision in Matthew 28, Jesus tells His disciples to – as they go – to make disciples of the nations…”

How does coaching and living in a trailer park connect? Well, this is the life God has given me, this is what I do and who I am. God has called me to two opposite worlds and everything in between. This is “as I go”. This mission of God is not only lived out in the pulpit, or on the foreign mission field. Yes, it is also there, but also at school and in your neighborhood, the grocery store and the hardware store. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14) The Missio Dei is allways and everywhere, so live incarnationally, tell what God has done to redeem us, show the love of Jesus, and as you go, make disciples. Just as it connects my life, it connects yours, so consider it an honor that the Creator of all wants you to be a part of His mission.