I think back to Jesus’ encounters with the hurting. While going from one place to another, eating, praying, or teaching someone would come up and interrupt Him in order to be healed. While walking down the street people would reach out and touch just his cloak to be healed from disease. I see instances, where Jesus having no intention on healing and teaching, have compassion on those people and be moved to doing so. What about the story of people ripping a hole in the roof and lowering a person through it in order for Jesus to heal that person? What was it that caused people to do these things?

It could and probably does have a lot to do with the fact that Jesus has a reputation of healing people. Have you ever noticed, as a follower of Christ some people come to you and let you know personal things that most people just don’t share in regular conversation? Especially when it is someone who they have just met. After all, would you share your personal medical issues with someone to whom you have only spoken once before? I do not usually do that, unless I am looking for something specific.

This morning I was waiting with the girls at the bus stop. I did this yesterday also, and enjoy watching my kids play with the others, and just enjoying our mornings together. This is something that I do because I love spending time with my children. I am there for my kids, or so I thought.

As it turns out, when I get to the bus stop with Bry, people start getting out of their cars and joining me by the children. Maybe it is because they too have daughters and want to make sure that the guy at the bus stop isn’t a creep. I get that, however, in conversation I get to know things about them. Like, how no one really appreciates how early the bus comes to pick up our children, and how we all wish our kids will make it to school before getting dirty. However, day two at the bus stop is not exactly the day I figured I would learn that one has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I sit here now with my heart full of compassion and hurt for a man whom I have just met.

Why me though? Why bring this to my attention? Could it be fear? Could it be, that there is something different about me? A wise man once told me to “be interruptible”, I think I understand it now. A true follower of Jesus Christ must be interruptible, because of He who abides in us, the hurting and seeking will come to us. He draws them to Himself in us in order to heal their hurt. When we are following our Lord, His glory shines through us and often leads to interruption.

Don’t believe me? Meet me at the bus stop.