Wars have been fought over the abolition of slavery. Most humans believe that slavery is wrong, and would rather die than to be a slave to another. Being a slave goes beyond being a slave of some, but one can be a slave of something. My intentions are not to talk about what consists of slavery or even whether it is wrong or right. However, it became very clear to me yesterday what Paul talked about when He spoke of being a slave to sin in Romans 6.

Whan an animal is born and raised in captivity it cannot be let into the wild because it will not know how to survive. The same holds true for people. In order for a person who is born into slavery to be released and set free, he/she must learn how to survive in society. This can and usually is a scary transformation for the person moving into new lifestyle. The captivity of the soul into a life of sin and bondage to sin is all we know. In a lot of cases people are so ingrained and raised into this that the thought of another life is scary and unreachable.

Slavery to sin and death is not hard for us to see, but it is the fear of the unknown that keeps us from escaping bondage. This is a sad reality. My heart has been broken for the individual that I met yesterday who wants so desperately to escape this bondage, sees the glory of the Father in the believers in her life, yet is so scared climb up on the cross. The beauty of a life in Christ, the freedom from sin and death that cannot be ignored is calling and alluring to those in slavery to sin, but the enemy is strong and the illusion has been believed.

The best and only way to fight slavery is through prayer. My charge is to pray for those in bondage. When you see one in your life that is without Christ and you begin to look past them or look down on them for the way they live. Remember they have been deceived, they are slaves. Just as you would fight for those held physically captive, fight for the souls of those in bondage to sin. Love them, pray for them, and show them the goodness and glory of Christ. Then, walk with them, comfort them, and hurt with them. It is scary to enter into a life unknown, so grab their hand and lead them to our Lord.