Have you ever had the privilege to look at your life and see all that God has done in it to get you to where you are today? This morning I had the privilege of seeing a bit more of the puzzle.

Those of you who know me, know that I am half hispanic. My mother is from Colombia and my Father is from Texas (ok just being from Texas adds at least another third.) I had no idea how or if God would use this in my life. I do know, however, that God has a plan, and that plan has been orchestrated from the beginning of time. I have been created to do good works, and He is in control of which works those are.

I find it so comforting to know that in looking back at history one can see the beautiful story of God unfolding. It was not by chance that Alexander the Great conquered the known world at such a young age and made Greek the common language of all the people. It was not by chance that the Roman empire later built roads that were connecting the entire empire and made travel easier and safer. Could the coming of our Lord been orchestrated to come at such a time when His message can be taken across the entire known world in such a quick time with one language that all would know and roads to make it faster? What about using a “Jew of Jews” who just so happened to be a Roman citizen to take that message to the Gentile nations? Is it possible that looking throughout history we can see in lives of individuals how their upbringing and conditions are used for the glory of God to fulfill His mission?

I was born half hispanic, I had my first child before I finished highschool, I hurt my knee which took me away from soccer and influenced me to stay in cheerleading and coach, he gave me two girls, a GED instead of a High School diploma, and allowed me to now be a college student against all odds. Now I am living in a trailer park with young parents, drop-outs, and a growing hispanic community in need of the Gospel. I am coaching Cheerleading and have the freedom to develop the program to model Scripture. Last night at the close of practice we all wrapped our arms around each other and prayed as we closed. Can all this be by chance? Absolutely not!

God has a role for all of us to play in His story. He can and wants to use your circumstances – good or bad – to fulfill His mission. There is nothing that He can’t or won’t use, and He has the works for you to do already in place. Look at your life, and pray to the Lord of the Harvest to show you where to plant. He has a plan that is much better than yours, follow it.