It is not hard to see the corruption in the world. The reality is that there are people in your very neighborhood that are stealing, or doing drugs, or abusing their families. There are people in every community that cause unseen problems in the lives of the residents near by. I often wonder how drug dealers can know their neighbors so well, and find clients, but Christians have a hard time, sharing Christ. Think about it. You know at least one house in your neighborhood that you are suspicious of. You may even know for sure that it is happening, whatever it is.

It is so easy for us to stay out-of-the-way and look in another direction. We know what is going on, but we refuse to admit, or even look at it. We may think to ourselves how incredibly horrible it is, but we will never do anything about it. After all, what can we do? Do you realize what is happening? If there is drugs in your neighborhood you can bet there is violence, abuse, sex, and far worse that follows it. Believe it or not, that is in your suburban communities. What is scary, is that it is not only in the more impoverished communities, but it is widely known and not very well hidden; if at all.

Here in the trailer park there is a huge problem. Have you ever thought about why trailer parks, or multi housing communities, get their reputations? It is because no one cares about them. They get away with what ever they want, because there is no one there to say anything. Many of the residents of those communities will not say anything, because society makes them feel like they are not worth helping anyway. Have you ever felt like a lost cause? The fact that these communities even have a reputation goes to show that we know what is happening in them. Yet we do nothing about it. We sit by wile 12-year-old girls are celebrating the fact that they are not pregnant. While 14-year-old girls are being bedded by men in their thirties. We stand by while women get beat up, children are used to deliver drugs from place to place, and the only thing they inherit is I life of hopelessness. Half of the residents are functionally illiterate and are actually scared to think about a different life than the one they know.

What can we do? We can start by praying and refusing to turn a blind eye. After that, we can fight for justice and raise awareness about the condition of these communities. Then we can walk among them, we can love the community, invest in the next generation, and make disciples. It is a good thing that Jesus didn’t look the other way. Will you continue to? Please pray that as I try to intervene that God will protect my family and work in His mighty way.