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This weekend I was blessed to attend the Greenhouse Project with Neil Cole and Ed Waken. I was amazed to hear all of the things that I have been thinking for at least the past two years or so. Maybe it is wrong to say thinking, but I have been struggling to understand the things that they were able to bring to light. I am not even sure how to explain what I am trying to say. It is like for the past three years I have been looking at this extravagant painting trying to figure it out. It is beautiful, and the art is obviously from a famous artist. I look for clues, I examine each square inch of the painting looking for a glimpse of what it is. People come by and look over my shoulder telling me what it is, some sure, some not so sure, but all telling me something. I have had an idea and I think that I know what this painting is, but I just can’t be sure, and when I tell people they look at me a little funny, or make me feel like I don’t know what I am talking about.

This weekend was like someone came in and saw me struggling over the picture and told me what it was. When I looked at them and told them that I thought that but asked how they knew; it was like the flipped the picture upside down and revealed to me a way to look at it that helps explain what I was trying to figure out in my head.

Tonight we had our weekly bible study and like usual I was unprepared. Maybe the fact that I wasn’t prepared is exactly what prepared me. I sat down and asked the Lord to give me something. He pointed me to a place in scripture that was so familiar to me that I could preach a good sermon with little to know preparation. However, with this passage of scripture He gave me three questions. In the past I have put hours into thinking of questions that will guide the conversation to where I wanted it to go. The questions that came to mind in a matter of mere minutes were simple, and open. The questions were those that allowed Him to guide the conversations and put me in a place where I too can learn from what He is telling the others in the group.

I listened to Jesus and did what He said. I trusted in the One who told me to trust in Him for the answers and words to say. The result was a bible study that was simple, reproducible, and the most incredible bible study that I have ever been a part of. Letting go of the control and allowing God to direct the outcome was not only liberating, but so incredibly fulfilling. For once it was for His glory and honor, and it was completely of Him. All along I thought I was letting go, but tonight I got to see the results of what really letting go does.
“If all of this was in such a small portion of Scripture, I can’t wait to see what the rest of this book says.”

This is what blossoms when you plant a seed in the perfect climate for growth. The Greenhouse conditions that come from the Holy Spirit working. This is what happens when we you let the Word of God do the teaching. This is the greenhouse effect.