What is darkness? Well, there are a few different ways that we use the word darkness in the English language. Darkness, as in a dark room, is the absence of light. We also use the word darkness in reference to someone not having knowledge of something. For example, I was in the dark about what my wifes plans were for the day. In the English language we use the word a few different ways, but I think you get the point.

Once in a while my little daughter calls me to her room because she is afraid. When I go in to check on her she often points to an object in the room and asks “what is that daddy?” In order for me to show her that it is not what she thinks it is I can, and often, do two things. One, I can explain to her what it is. Two, I can turn on the light and reveal to her the truth of what is in the darkness. One of the things that helps her is when we turn on her night-light, that allows her to see what is in her room so that she is not scared.

Jesus has called us to live in the light, the light which He brought into the world. Jesus, the Light, reveals to us the sin in our lives, and brightens our paths to show us where we are going. When the light enters our lives we see our sin, and can not only see the direction of the path we are traveling on, but the way to the narrow path which leads to life.

This evening, as I walked down the dark gravel roads of Oak Villa Mobile Home Park with my sword (bible) in one hand and my 9 iron in the other (a lot of loose dogs), I couldn’t help but think of one of the men who has most influenced my life. A few years ago God led me to a Billy Mitchell. Billy taught me that I was called to take a lantern into the dark places. I didn’t really know what it meant back then (then, I would have told you otherwise), but as I waked down the dark dusty streets I finally understood what it meant to take the light into the darkness. At that moment, I waged war against the evil that has for so long-held this park captive. I remember walking through the neighborhood in Port St Lucie, FL with Billy praying and asking God to move. Tonight as I walked alone God brought to mind all that He had been training me for, all that I am about to step into.

The more homes I enter, the more I see what lurks in the darkness, and the less people feel comfortable around me. Sex, drugs, devil worship and witchcraft are some of the things that the Lord has brought to the light. These are the things that we are battling against, and these are the things that cannot overcome the light. It is the light that always reveals the truth, and the light that always removes the darkness. Will you join me? Will you pray for Oak Villa, that the Lord will consume the darkness and reveal what is hiding in the shadows? Will you take up your lantern and cross over to the dark where the wolves hide?