I love the Christmas season for many different reasons. One reason is that I have a special place in my heart for Christmas music. The main reason, however, is because of all that it represents. We can get into discussion among believers whether or not this is accurate as far as the time of year for the birth of Jesus, but I have no interest. I neither care to argue where the Christmas tree came from, or the other problems people have with celebrating the holiday, nor do I care to go into the problems with the commercialized consumer driven emphasis that the Holiday now carries. I rather focus on the moment in History when everything changed. I wish to focus on the day that the God of the Universe entered into His very creation.

The Christmas story is so very beautiful, a story that even the secular world loves to hear. We see this baby born in a manger with wise men visiting, angels singing, and sweet sleeping baby in the middle all cute and cuddly. I am ashamed to admit that I too have missed the majesty of this moment. It wasn’t until recently that the how monumental, how powerful, and how incredibly central this moment in human history was.

I was sitting here wondering how I will buy presents for my children, how I will cope with the fact that I can get them nothing this year. Worried about how we will get to Florida for the birth of my nephew, I sat depressed pondering all things. One night I read the Christmas story to my children as they lay in bed ready to sleep. The Lord saw fit to open my eyes this time. I recognized all that human history has seen, all that it has prepared for was happening. The moment that all humanity was waiting for, and the future will look back to and rejoice. This baby that was born in a manger was not just special, but God.

I can picture the symphony playing their tune, ups and downs, the music is beautiful, then this moment when the symphony is erupting with great power; symbols crashing, trumpets blaring, the hairs on my arms standing on end while the conductor leads the symphony in a powerful display of brilliance and beauty. The entire piece has been building up and hits the turning point in the music. The tempo picks up, and the end is near when the finale will be played and the crowd will erupt in applause. This moment, is the moment that brings the audience to the edge of their seats. This moment takes my breath away, when my Lord takes on human form and begins the final steps in the plan of redemption.

As I look up at all I have written, I fight the urge to delete it all, for the words above do no justice to the magnitude and beauty of the moment. Dare I try to express in mere words the entrance of the King into human history? Do I attempt to explain the power of the One who will save humanity and redeem us to the Father? I ask the Lord to forgive my weak attempt at expressing this glorious moment in history. I challenge you to look at it again, read the story, pray to the Lord to open your eyes, you too will see the magnificence of this moment.

This year I remember the entrance of the King. I remember the point in human history that would change the world forever. I remember the coming of the Lord, and anticipate His return once more. What do you remember?