I have spent the past couple of days watching our favorite Christmas movies. One of the things that is often discussed, or implied rather, is what the “true meaning of Christmas” is. Another message behind the films is an emphasis

on faith and belief in that which or who is unable to be seen. Both of which are great messages and truths for life. Unfortunately, however, the main character is Father Christmas.

Where do I go with this that every other pastor or christian blogger hasn’t already gone? Part of me wants to cause a little controversy in discussing Santa and justifying or even downplaying the whole Santa thing in the lives of our children, but that is the rebel in me. The fact of the matter is, the more I see how incredibly popular he is getting and how unpopular Jesus is getting I find myself less and less okay with old Chris Kringle.

Having said that, the questions must be discussed. I will unfortunately be saying the same thing that you will have read or heard elsewhere, but maybe in a way that the Lord will use.  What, then, is the meaning of Christmas?

According to a lot of the movies, the message that is trying to be given to those who watch is that Christmas is about being with family, giving generously, believing in something greater than yourself. All good messages, but not even close to what Christmas is all about. Is it possible that we have been deceived to the point that we buy into good moral teachings as the meaning of Christmas instead of the truth. Is is really about family, and being with people you love?

Israel observed the Passover as a reminder and celebration of what God did in bringing them out of bondage and oppression in Egypt. Today, Christmas is about remembering and celebrating the birth of the King. The day that God took on flesh, and entered into that which He created in order to deliver mankind out of the bondage of sin was a day like no other.

The “Miracle of Christmas” is not a wonderfully generous man who flies around the world delivering gifts to children in order to bring joy, but God wrapped in flesh, not as a mighty warrior with an army of angels coming to wipe out the world, but a baby to grow up and give all of human history an opportunity for redemption.

The meaning of Christmas goes beyond generosity, good will towards men, and 8 flying reindeer. The meaning of Christmas is freedom from sin, and a great shout of joy for the redemption of mankind. The King has been born! Rejoice and tell the whole world that the Messiah has come!