The past week spent in Florida with my family was great. There were many things that God taught me over the time spent there. It would take a lot of time a

nd energy to write those things down and I am not sure that you would be too interested in reading that series of blogs. Maybe one day I will, but not today. There is one thing, however, that I have thought a great deal about in the days following the trip. Taking as step back and looking at all that I had learned over the week, one thing really stood out to me that will help me move in the direction of applying all that I have learned. My life is out of balance. The Spiritual, mental, and physical must be in balance for my life to function properly. Mine is out of balance.

I can remember my days working for Goodyear. When changing the tires on a rim, before you were able to mount the wheel back on the car you had to balance them.  What you we would do is put the wheel on a machine that would spin the wheel and measure if it was out of balance. When the machine stopped, we would hammer on the proper weights to balance out the tire. If you were to mount a wheel that was not balanced, the car would shake and wobble violently a

nd the ride would not be comfortable for the driver. As it is with life I think. When you have one area of life in great condition, and the others are not, then you life wobbles and shakes.

I will start with the Spiritual. After all, your Spiritual life is the center of ever

ything. Where you stand spiritually dictates all of what you do. It determines your morality, motivation, and choices in everyday life. Being physically and mentally strong, but spiritually weak will cause your life to be greatly out of balance. The worst part is, you may not even know it. When I read Leviticus I see this in play. It seems as if God cares about every little thing in your life from how you handle mold in th

e kitchen to temple worship. God is very interested in you life, and desires that all you do in it is made for His glory (1 Cor. 10:31) The balanced life must start in the Spiritual.

Mental strength is also very important. Keeping yourself mentally strong

is just as important as being physically strong. Moving constantly in an upward direction with your education is not only important, but necessary. Think about it, if this were not true teachers, medical professionals, law enforcement, auto technicians, coaches, and so on would not need to continue to renew certifications and consta

ntly learn about the latest updates in their fields. We too in normal everyday life must continue to learn or we become stagnant. Reading, researching, and the like must be a regular part of our lives. So many of us become outdated very soon after school because we just stop learning. More importantly continue to learn about your faith. We have a difficult job in today’s culture defending our faith, so we must  keep on learning and studying in order to give educated answers to those who question us about our faith.

Finally, the physical. This is also very important for life. We must stay physically fit in order to keep on moving. We get slow, lazy, and unable to function because

we neglect our physical conditioning. Physical strength affects our health both physically and mentally. Not to mention our witness. Think about how many others out there who care about their physical condition for the wrong reasons, and they don’t even believe that they are the temple of God. You may be spiritually strong, mentally sharp, but if you are physically lacking you are off-balance an

d cause great harm. I know this to be true as this is where I am. I have found that my physical condition has caused me to less effectively witness. People hear me defend the hungry, yet eat enough for three. They hear me argue for those who have no choice in what they eat, yet I choose to eat unhealthy. What kind of witness is that?

In response to this I have decided to work on my balance. I will post daily about my experience and all that God teaches me through the next 9 months. This Monday I will begin training for a triathlon on September 8th. I have attempted this before and failed. However, this time I will post daily on all that God is doing in my
Just remember, the balance of spirit, mind, and body can only be properly balanced if Jesus Christ is both the motivation and the goal. Keep Him in front, and use Him as your motivation. life through the next 9 months. This way you can all hold me accountable, and also, I can hopefully show that balance is important and influence you to join me in a more balanced life for the glory of God. I do not have the money to afford a gym membership in order to swim for this, so the Lord will have to provide. After all, that is an important part of the race. Pray for me as I attempt this, and join me if you will. Don’t worry, my daily posts will be much shorter!