Day: 2; 251 days left

The fact that I can not run or ride my bike due to this knee injury has really gotten me down. Two days in to training for a triathlon and I haven’t been able to train at all. Well, maybe not physically. I have been able to spend more time than usual in prayer today, and I can say one thing; it has strengthened me spiritually. I must admit that lately I have been a little spiritually dry. My communication with the Lord has not been as I desire it to be. So being able to focus a little more on Him today made things much better. Among other prayers, I have asked all too often today the question that we all ask a little more often than we should, “Why?”

Seems to me that this question comes up quite a bit. We ask as if we deserve to know the answer. As if we could even understand it if He gave it to us. I spent a lot of today sitting down. Even at work I sat and did as little as possible. I even had someone teaching with me so they could spot while I instruct. This caused me to feel useless. The time that I spent sitting still allowed me to be right where He wanted me to be.

I just got done reading Psalm 77. The psalmist reminded me to remember. God knows our tendency in difficult times to wonder where He is. You know you do it too. We wonder where He went, why He has left us behind to suffer. He knows this of us, which is why He instructed Israel to talk about all that God has done every moment of every day. He instituted feasts to remind His people of all that He did for them, to remind them of the victories won by Him. Jesus said to His disciples “do this in remembrance of me.” The list goes on, over and over again God calls His people to remember all that He has done and be sure that He will continue to be victorious.

The lesson I learned today is a valuable one for us all. Remember to remember. The unfortunate reality is that times get tough. You will come to a place where you question God’s motives, you wonder where He went, or even if He is. In those times, remember what the Lord has done for you. Think back to those moments when you approached a burning bush, walked on dry land between two walls of parted sea, or saw the beauty of the day for the very first time when He healed you of your blindness. Be still, and remember that He is God.