Day 3: 250 days left.

I woke up this morning and was able to walk! My knee is not completely healed but the swelling has gone down enough for me to bend it. If all things work out alright I can start riding my bike on Monday. If you ask me, this is a very fast recovery from such a serious injury. I have to credit the prayers of all of you who read this, and for that I thank you. This morning the idea of revival was brought to mind through my morning devotional, and it was exactly that which was my focus today.

A true revival of God’s people is one that is evident to all around. It is God’s people recognizing the error of their ways and returning to the service of their King. For me, it meant handing back over to God the things that I had tried to take back control of. My devotional reminded me of all of the things that I had handed over to God because of my inability to handle them on my own. It is amazing to see how connected the physical and spiritual worlds are. My efforts at taking control of my life were due to a weak spiritual condition. It is almost like one can tell their spiritual condition by the way their physical life looks. Maybe the question we should ask on a regular basis is, “who is in control?”

I know one thing for sure. The only way that things are going to happen in a way that those around me are talking about it is the same way it has in the past, by letting God take control. When I think back to past success which has lead me to where I am at this moment, I remember that at the beginning of those adventures was a simple prayer; “God, I can’t do this so I need you to. I am leaving it up to you, I trust you to lead me and do what you will with…” What is revival? Perhaps it is remembering “your first love”. Only when you are reunited with the God who loves you, will you see the type of change in your life that influences change in the lives of others.

As God called me today through the writings of another person, I too call you. Pray for revival in your life. The type that changes the world. Come back to Him in full submission in order to allow Him to make the impact that He wants to make and you are unable to do without Him. Revival starts in your heart, your heart is changed from your knees.