Day 4: 249 days left.

What an interesting day of learning from God without recognizing. One this for sure is that writing this blog has forced me to sit back and think about all that the Lord has shown me which has helped in the learning process. The unfortunate thing is that I have learned so much today, I can not figure out how to fit it here in less that 500 words. I know that it is hard to keep reading these everyday, but I must be obedient to He who has called me to this. I do not really know who it is impacting, but I know for sure that it is helping me and whomever the Lord has in mind. So I know that it is at least one of the eight of you who read this. For that I am grateful.

Even though I am only four days in to this, it is proving difficult to continue writing. The difficulty is not due to a lack of things to say, but to a noticeable drop in the people interested in reading. I am confident that God has who He wants to read this in mind, but sometimes it is hard when you know that the number of people reading drops. I will continue, but part of the point of this is to reveal my moments of weakness.

Speaking of weakness, one area in which I obviously am weak is parenting. This area is one of the areas in which I noticed my lack of balance is showing the most. Most of the time that I lose my temper with my children is when they are preventing me from doing something that I want to do by seeking my attention. I know it too, which makes it so much worse. It usually does not hit me until it is too late, but it stings every time.

What kind of example am I setting for my children? Not a godly one, that is for sure. We are so blessed to have a Father who always has time for us. Our Father wants to hear our concerns, our hurts, our victories, and our complaints. He asks us to come to Him and lay our crap down at His feet so that He can take care of it for us. Does He discipline us? Yes. If He did not then it would be evident that He does not love us. It is His discipline that brings us to Him closer and reminds us not to stray.

As a father, this is what I want to emulate, a father who cares and loves his children so much that they can never deny it. One who goes out of his way to make sure that they know how much he loves them. I want to be the protector, provider, pastor, and example for my children. The example that points back to the Father is the example that my children need. Part of this will be my commitment to reading James Dobson’s “Bringing Up Girls”, and “Bringing Up Boys.” It is important to build my education and read some “experts” on child development to do the best I can to meet them where they are, and more effectively parent them. Most importantly though, I will pray, and ask you to do the same. Pray that I will be the father that our Father wants me to be. I pray that He will give you that same desire, whether it be father, mother, or guardian. Do it for His glory, and by His example, under His power.