Day 7: 246 days left.

Competition day. If you have never been to a cheerleading competition, you

should at least go to one in your life. They are not for everyone, but they are a lot of fun. The other reason I say you should go, is because if you were to go you would be able to see first hand how desperate the cheer world is for God. I am positive that there are many prayers said, but the actions afterwords are enough to make you cringe.

I do not really know how to explain in words the things that go on there that disgust me, but coaching a team that does not engage in the kinds of things that go on is a difficult task. It is hard to love a team that makes it so easy to hate them. Parents calling out threats to the children of other teams, athletes verbally wishing pain and injury on other teams, and egos too big to control. Poor winners, poor losers, and dirty competitors make for an interesting group of people to be around.
It is amazing to me how people can take so little consideration of how much they influence children and not even care that the way they impact them is in the way of sin. I hurt for the children who look up to people who only lead them down a path of destruction. I for one do not want to have that responsibility placed on me. The problem is that the coaches are the ones teaching the athletes this kind of thing. As if it was not hard enough to control the emotions, and attitudes of adolescent girls, you have coaches that model this kind of behavior. I am all for friendly rivalry, but outright disrespect is not okay.

My mission is to be a part of changing the reputation of cheerleading in the area that God has placed me. The battle will be bloody, the scars will be many, and the price will be high. On the other hand, the Lord will be with me, the victory will be sweet, the lives will be changed, and the sport will be redeemed. After all, we do serve a God of redemption. Will you pray for me, and for the girls that are caught in this messy world if immorality? Pray with me as I move forward to change the reputation of cheer in South Louisiana.