Day 8: 245 days left

“Dear God, where are you? Why have you left me here like this? I have no idea what to do, why won’t you tell me? I am desperate to hear your voice, show me what to do.”

Have you ever prayed such a prayer? I am willing to bet that you have at least had one in your heart that was very similar. Just so you know, if you have thought it, He has heard it. I have said something similar all too similar just his morning.

Proverbs chapter 8 was my morning reading for today. I read through it a couple of times before I went to church. I usually read it in either the NIV or the ESV and then once in the Message. Chapter 8 is entitled “Wisdom’s Call” in the Message. After reading this passage this morning, I must admit that I was a little bitter. Thinking to myself and saying to God; “You said that those who ask for wisdom will receive it, and I still have no clue what to do.”

Well, this morning at our corporate worship gathering we started a series called “Core”, which goes through the core values of Bridge Church. Number one is Listen to God. I must agree that this is a good place to start. Ed Waken and Neil Cole once said to me “Listen to Jesus, and do what He says.” Probably the best advice that anyone can give another person. Unfortunately, I have this fear that I do not know what He sounds like. See, every time I try to do something to impact the kingdom, something that I am so sure He has called me to do, it ends in what I see as failure. It seems that failure has littered my life for quite a few years now. Once upon a time if anyone were to tell me I was going to fail at something, it just meant that now it was a guarantee that I was going to do it because I was not going to let anyone doubt me. Now days, it just feels like one failure after another. Going into something is not as exciting anymore because I know how it will end.

The sermon this morning lined up pretty well with God was trying to tell me in my morning reading. God said “trust in my wisdom”, I said “How do I find it?” In the sermon God said “Through our relationship.” I said “I thought we were in a relationship.” God said, “You stopped coming around to hang out with me.” I said,”I know, but I send you text messages all the time.” God said, “What kind of relationship is that when we don’t even hang out anymore?” I said, “I am sorry, I must have gotten distracted. I will come to see you more often.” God said, “Hey, when you do, do me a favor. Shut up and listen.”

It is real easy to get distracted when we find ourselves in trying times to forget about working on our relationships with God. I think that is why He tells us to focus on the kingdom and let Him worry about the rest. I don’t know about you, but it is real easy for me to get tunnel vision and haphazardly work on my relationship with God, a lot like sending the occasional text message to make the other person think that you are still thinking about them, but in reality you just thought about them for the first time in a long time and thought you would let them know. Or even worse, it gets easier and easier to just neglect the relationship all together and walk solo. Next thing you know, you find yourself in a place begging God to speak to you and do not even realize He had been trying all along, giving you warning signs and advice while you and I had forgotten what He sounded like and missed it all along.

God wants us to “live life to the full”. When we choose to go without it, we wind up in a mess to big to get out of on our own. Thankfully He is there to pull us out. Do not miss His wisdom because you are too busy trying to figure things out on your own. Shut up and Listen.