Day 9: 244 days left.

We ended up in last place at our competition this past weekend.

We did a lot better than we have, but just couldn’t pull it through. I have the feeling that my bosses have lost faith in my ability to coach. I do not think that my job is in danger, but it sure doesn’t feel good to think that those who trusted you to build a program are expecting you to fail. I do not really know if they feel that way, but it sure is what they make me feel like. It seems like this will be just another failure. Or will it?

Six months ago I got on my hands and knees and begged God to bring me twenty girls to make a team with, and He gave me twenty one. In the beginning I was a little worried because the girls that I got were not exactly experienced cheerleaders. I ended up with a bunch of girls that had never cheered before, and only a couple that have. I wasn’t worried though, because I knew that they were the girls God gave me. As time passed, I began to feel more and more pressure to do well in order to convince others to want to join. The only way to make that happen, is by victories. With no first place trophies, it seems like my bosses expect me to stop after this season and have no one to coach.

No victories? How about the fact that one year ago we had a total of four girls try out, and now we have a total of about thirty girls in the program. Every girl that tried out for her school squad did not make it, now they are cheerleaders winning jump contests during the intermissions at competitions. Girls that never thought they would flip are flipping, girls that never thought they would fly are flying, and girls that never thought they would find something to be passionate about are bleeding lime green and black. I have heard things like, “this place has brought her out of her shell.”

You want to see victory, how about a group of girls that belong to something? How about a group of girls with little to know cheer experience that are competing with teams that have been doing this for a while now? What about a group of girls that are on mission together like a family?

You want to see victory? Just ask a couple to tell their story. This season has been one victory after another, and I am confident that in spite of all that is against us, we will bring home the type of victory that is tangible and compared to all else, worthless. The biggest victory this season is how much these girls that God has given me have blessed me.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. We will not fail, because it is God’s team, God’s will, and God’s plan. We will succeed in spite of me, because it is God who has control of this team, no one else. We may not have all that other places have, but one thing is for sure, the creator is on our side. Just as this season of my life is more about what God is putting into me, rather than what He is getting out of me, I say the same for this team. God is shaping us into being the team that He wants. And when the time is right, God will use us in a mighty way. God likes the underdog, so keep an eye out and remember, when we put the “W” in the other column, it was because of all God has done in us and for us. Nothing we did.