Day 10: 243 days left

I planned on riding my bike today for the first time since the knee injury

. So, I loaded up the van and Rebecca and I started driving to the park close by. While on the way there, I started to notice the roads were cracked and uneven. I was worried about my rims and tubes on the bike so I decided they were not good enough roads to ride on. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I was so ready to go riding and now I was not able to do what I wanted to do, so I started pitching an internal fit. were going to park the car there and I would ride while she and Isaac went for a jog. Well, that was the plan, but plans don’t always go as planed. 

Rebecca has started her own adventure. Her goal is to run a 5k. She has started a program called “Couch to 5k”. I decided that since I was unable to go for a ride, I would just join her in her jog. So Rebecca, Isaac and I went for our run. This was the best thing that could have happened. We enjoyed each other’s company while we were getting exercise. I was able to run along side my wife and help her reach her goal. We talked and laughed and just got to be with each other.

After this I realized what God had in mind. I was going to join her and help her get through this. After all, I know all too well how difficult it is to do these kinds of things a lone. It does not hurt my training any, because I will have to run in a triathlon.

As I read through Proverbs I am starting to see how the things I read apply. It amazes me how much of the proverbs talk about the temptation of adultery. The author warns the reader against being tempted by a woman who is not to be touched. What amazes me is how you can apply these things to different areas of life. You can examine your life and notice how in all areas there are temptations trying to lure you in and take you somewhere you shouldn’t be.

The other thing that I have been picking up on is the importance of listening to wisdom. Reading through this book every morning has proven to be so valuable and is changing my life. I am able to hear better the direction God is taking me as the situations come up.

As bad as I wanted to ride my bike, the decision to run with my wife was more of a benefit to me than riding on my own would have been. I was truly blessed to run a long side knowing that I am able to help her reach her goal, and just talk to her and share a great time together not in front of the television. These are the times in life that matter, the times when I get to show those I love the most that I care.

This event was a great picture of our lives together, as we are preparing to run the race together. The two of us were running down the street in preparation to run a 5k. Just like this season of our lives, as we train together to run our race in the Missio Dei.