Day 11: 242 Days left

 Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; 
   teach the righteous and they will add to their learning. Proverbs 9:9

If you have been following the posts you will remember a few days ago when I posted the blog titled, “Dazed and Confused”. In this post I revealed some real concerns and struggles that my family and I go through on a regular basis. Depression, confusion, and anxiety are the norm in my life, and fear is the accent that finishes the picture. The reality is that Rebecca and I were ready to

throw in the towel, walk away from living in the park and minister from afar. We had questions that were unanswered, and felt so alone that we figured no one would miss us and we could start all over. It is just too hard.

This evening Rebecca and I went to dinner with a slightly older couple who have been where we are in life and are currently working with us in ministry. By the way, I have never had French Onion soup until tonight and Longhorn Steak House makes a killer bowl of it. We were able to let out our concerns and fears to our friends, and they were able to encourage us and tell us their stories of similar pain. They explained that they made it through this lonely season of life and are better for it. In a much more elegant and encouraging way they urged us to persevere.

As I sat there listening to their stories my mind began to move in a direction that I am upset it even began to go. I started to hear their very similar stories and somehow make my situation much worse, as if I was worse off than they were and they couldn’t possibly understand. When this started to happen the verse that I posted above rang through my ears. God was telling me to shut up and listen to their wisdom. He reminded me that the words they are speaking to me were words that He put in their heart. They were not trying to give me the keys to successfully navigating through the fog, but just remind me who lights the path, and assure me that it will lift and the Son will shine.

There is two paths in life; the path of the fool, and the path of the wise one. Wisdom leads to life, but foolishness leads to destruction. Though sometimes gaining wisdom hurts, the one who is in a relationship with God has the wisdom to know that the pain is implanting more wisdom, therefore he/she is grateful for the pain. I thank God for Lane and Heather and the wisdom they were able to give us.

The wise one is teachable, so be wise and learn the lesson God is trying to teach.