Day 14: 239 days left.

We had another competition today. Once again, we placed last. I have to admit, after seeing our routine and then watching the rest of the competitors, I believed that we were going to do much better. When they called out our name first, my heart sank. Partly because I just do not like to lose, but mostly because I know it hurt the girls a little. They have worked so hard and come so far, to place last at every competition is heart breaking and frustrating. We are half way through our season, and so far we have brought back last place trophies. Maybe it is because I am their coach, but I think they deserve way more than last. 

In our core values, integrity and humility are stressed a great deal. I have set out to keep the girls humble and in good character. I believe, so far, that this effort has been littered with success. They are wonderful young ladies, even though some hurt, they are showing a great deal of integrity.

God is a God of redemption. As I am out to redeem cheerleading for Him, I know that He has the plan to make it happen. I know that He will redeem this season, no matter what kind of trophies we bring home from now on. The glory is His, the plan is His, and the results belong to Him. I have listed the victories in previous posts. I will list yet another. Thursday I had a talk with a girl for wearing her uniform top out and not representing the team well. She was quiet, but then made a public apology after she thought about it. She realized what she did and according to her she forgot what the uniform stood for. I had another parent tell me at lunch that the impact the team has had on her daughter is immeasurable. Her parents told me that her character has taken a dramatic turn for the better.

As we are seeing the victories of what hard work, commitment, integrity, and dedication are bringing these girls, there is still one that is being worked on. Humility. If we were to come out of the gates as a first year team and win every competition, we would probably struggle in the humility department. However, as we go on placing last, we are learning a far more valuable lesson. How to lose. Losing on the score sheet is easy, but losing with integrity is hard. I hate to lose, but I hate bad winners more.

We have a lot of work to do before we see the first place trophy, and most of that work is not technical or even physical, but internal. We have to be broken, so that God can build us again, His way. If we are going to be different, then we need to know how to do all things with integrity, that includes, winning and losing. So before we can learn how to win well, we must first learn how to lose well.