Day 15: 238 days left

Today has been a day of reminders. I was reminded that I am supposed to be training for a triathlon. That came from the question, “How is your knee?” I was reminded that if throw around a seven month old after they just ate you will regret it, and I was reminded that I am not in charge of producing results, that is God’s business.

Why did God call me to the trailer park? To spread seed. Why did God call me to coach? To spread seed. Where the seed grows is none of my business, nor is it any of yours. He is in charge of that, and frankly He is much better at producing results. My life goal is to glorify God. I want to know that I am doing whatever He is asking me to do, to the best of my ability. All of the planning, and strategy is nothing if the point is not to more effectively spread seed. What is the seed that we are planting? The gospel of Jesus Christ. What is the fruit that comes from that? Disciples who spread seed and multiply.

Looking for results, is a dangerous business. Not seeing what we want to see will cause us to go into a spiral downward, deep into depression and a feeling of worthlessness. I know, I am there. Today, however, I was reminded that success is in following the will of God and allowing Him to produce the results. As I am being developed into the man He wants me to be, and that man is one who sows in abundance. 2 Corinthians 9:6 says “whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly.” Perhaps that is why the fruit is not showing, because the seed is being held on to. So I am reminded to sow abundantly. God has given me the seed to throw everywhere. Sure, some will land on the road, some in the weeds, and some will get eaten up, but when that sweet seed hits that ready soil it will produce a great crop that will multiply over and over.

Maybe you too have forgotten how important it is to sow seed everywhere you are. Maybe you too have a problem searching for results, as I do. So I will remind you as I was reminded today. Sow the seed, and allow for Him to cause the growth, and pray to the Lord of the harvest for workers, because when it grows you will need the help to harvest the crop.