Day 19: 234 days left

I read somewhere that, “the quickest way to failure, is to try to please everyone.” I cannot remember where I read it, but it made so much sense. I find myself in a situation where a decision needs to be made, but either I keep things the same and the whole group suffers, or I make a few unhappy so the whole can be better. Yes, if you are wondering, this is regarding cheerleading. Even though the place where I am the leader is in cheerleading, it applies to all situations. 

I can remember when I was a child and always wanted to be the line leader.
You too can probably remember the same things. I see this everyday when I work with kids, they always want to go first or be first in line. I appreciate this desire to lead, I even encourage it some times, but there is a warning that should always come along with it. The warning should be something like; if you become a leader you will upset some people. In my situation, I do not want for any of the girls to feel as if I am trying to leave them out or in some way be unfair to them, but sometimes I can not help it. 

What do I do? Do I leave things the way they are and not allow the whole group to reach their full potential? It has been brought to my attention that a portion of the group feel left out with some of the changes I have made because they are unable to execute the skills required. If I change things, the whole group has a chance at doing much better and reaching their goals. Unfortunately, some do not like it and feel as if I am trying to “hide” them.

These issues might be different from most leaders, but the general problem is the same. Our inability to please everyone. I would like to please as many as possible, but unfortunately, it is impossible to please all people all of the time. As a leader, or future leader you too will have to experience this. The horrible part is that they will accuse you of doing in maliciously. My heart is heavy. I never want anyone to feel in any way inferior to anyone else, or believe that I think them to be inferior than anyone else. I only want what is best for the whole group.

I think of God and the choices He makes for my life. I may not understand, and frankly, I often do not like them, but the choices that He makes are for the greater good and not my personal satisfaction. The wise leader knows when he is leading his people to victory, even when that means making them mad in the process. Sometimes I make my daughters angry because I do not allow them to do something, not because I want their life to be boring, but because I want to protect them. Honestly, that is what is more important to me than anything else. I not only want to protect them, but I want to show them the right path.

Due to how much I care about each and every one of these girls I struggle to know what to do. I never want them to feel that I have done wrong to them, but I also need to look at the greater good and make my decision based on that. Once again, the fact that I care so much about these girls and place value in their feelings seems to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Dear God, give me wisdom!