Day 21 232 days left

I remember a conversation I had with a friend a few years back. The truth is, he was more my older brother’s friend than mine, but he needed help painting his house before he moved out. I was between jobs at the time, and had finally submitted all of my life back into the hands of Jesus. We had spent many nights getting drunk and doing stupid things together, so this was one of the first times we had ever hung out in this kind of sober environment. Our conversation took a turn while painting that discussed many things about religion, and why I believed in God. At that point in he had not been a believer, where he is now, I have no idea but I hear he attends a Christian church every Sunday morning.

While waiting for his girlfriend to bring us subs, we were standing out front of the house smoking cigarettes. He asked me as we looked out at the passing cars on the street in front of us; “Do you ever wonder why all of the bad people get the good stuff?” I asked what he meant. “All of the people who cheat, lie, and are just bad people have the nicest cars, biggest homes, and hottest girlfriends. Why would God allow that?” At that point in my spiritual walk I was unable to engage in the kind of philosophical apologetic that I might be able to dabble in now, but the response was from the heart and Spirit lead. It took a few minutes, but my response was, “No.” I said “I used to, but now none of that matters. I have all that I need and beyond the physical, I have all I could ever want. I have been blessed beyond desire with a beautiful family and everything I need.” If you know me, you know that I obviously went on a little more than that, but that was the overall summary of what I said to him.

I was able to look at my life and recognize all that God had done. It was simple, and easily explained. I felt a little stupid for not being able to give this highly educated answer and engage in a philosophical debate and lead him to the Lord right then and there, but looking back now I see the raw power and true simplicity of the gospel in the words God gave me that day.

I have been in danger, recently, of falling into the state of mind that my friend revealed to me that day.   Looking around at the dishonest people I know and seeing what they have, or what is given to them has caused me to be somewhat resentful. While I struggle to pay bills, and skate on the line of failure due to honesty and caring about others, I watch those who have little to no regard for those around them have cars that they can rely on and things of that nature. It would be a lie if I told you that I have not found myself saying things inside that was hurtful to those people who I am speaking about.

Then, I see the Lord. I look at my family and my relationship with the Creator. I know in my heart of hearts that the Lord is pleased with my willingness to sacrifice success and victory in the name of integrity and righteousness. I know that I have a mansion awaiting me in the presence of the All Mighty. When I hear the Lord, my anger and resentment towards those who have so much turns to pity and heartbreak when I realize how little they really have.

Maybe you have been in a similar situation, where you have been blinded by greed and lust. Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where you are envious of someone who has more physical possessions, even though they are immoral. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, then you have no reason to be envious. If you are in a relationship with the Father, then you have the one thing that they are trying to find. You have what all of their nice things are trying to fill; the redemption from the Lord. You have what they are looking for, so go show them what it is. Go show them Jesus!