Day 22: 231 Days left.

When I was learning to drive, one thing that my older brother told me was to watch out for my blind spot. Since then, I have had a few situations where I was unaware of who was in my blind spot while driving and by God’s grace no body has yet been hurt. Later in life when I was plumbing and driving a big utility van, I had to learn that bigger vehicles have bigger blind spots. It seems the the bigger the work van, the bigger the blind spot, and the bigger the risk of missing someone who is next to you. I have to assume that this is why the big semis have so many mirrors all over; so that they can eliminate as well as possible the blind spots.

Life is much the same, we all have blind spots as we drive down the highway known as life. Sometimes people fall into those blind spots and we miss them all together. When we make a decision and we are not careful to be sure that no one is in our blind spot, sometimes people get hurt. After a few close calls in my life, I now make it a practice to look to my side after checking my mirror before I decide to change lanes. 

Sometimes we unintentionally put the people we love in our blind spots. We navigate through life with the people we love the most walking close to us and trying to get our attention, but with all of the distractions of life we miss them because we have put them in our blind spots.

God showed me today that I may have put my own family in my blind spot. I am so worried about ministry and influencing the young girls that God has placed in my care on my cheer team, that I might have missed my own little girls in my blind spot. What makes it worse, is that my oldest daughter is on my team. Is it possible that I have spent so much time worried about how I am going to lead my team and influence those I work with, or worried about how I am going to impact the trailer park and kick off a multi-housing ministry here on the North Shore that I have forgotten to love and lead my family? Is it possible that you have done the same?

One of the factors in your blind spot is not only the manufacturing element, but the attention that you pay to your surroundings. When you are texting, listening to music, talking on the phone, eating, or whatever you do while driving, you have just increased the size of your blind spot. In life it is much the same. You may be like me and have a very low attention span, but the more you fill your life with distractions, the bigger your blind spot. On the other hand, the more you fill your life with Light, the more “mirrors” are put in place to eliminate the blind spots in your life.

I am ashamed to admit that I have neglected to be the godly influence in the lives of my children and wife, but happy to let you know that I plan to change. Not because I am going to make a better effort (even though I am), but because I am going to pray for the Lord to lead me to a life without blind spots. It seams that my children have been honking their horns and flashing their lights to get my attentions, but I keep on drifting into their lane and forcing them off of the path. Today the Lord allowed me to see them before it was too late and corrected my path. Now that I see what He has shown me, I ask Him to equip me with the mirrors to never lose sight of them again. I pray that He will give me the courage to be the father and husband He wants me to be. I beg for you to pray for me also, as I submit to Him and react to His prompting.

Have you checked your blind spot lately? You might be surprised who you find flashing their lights at you. Take a look, adjust your mirrors, and pray for God to give you the courage to react properly.