Day 27: 226 days left

Teenager: “Are you from the church?”

Me“Why do you ask?”

Teenager: “I just can’t figure why anyone else would be out here doing this.

Child 1: “This is the best day of my life.”

Child 2: “It is only morning time.”

Child 1: “Well, this is the best morning in my life.”

Child 2: “Yah, you should tell your mom about this.”


This morning I set up a “Bus Stop Buffet”. There was not much of a spread, but they didn’t care. There are four bus stops that meet at the front of the park, just outside of my door. From High School to Elementary School, all in between meet at different times. Though I have done this before, today, there was more of a response. The teenagers actually spoke to me, the cups almost ran out, and the little ones invited me back. No one gave their lives to Christ, but they all got to see Him; including me.

Today was a great reminder that if I feel like I have not seen Jesus in a while, I can always find Him while serving others. Think about it, if you are looking for Jesus where is the first place you should look? If you said church, I would argue with you a little. Not to say that you can’t find Him there (not to say you always will), but the first place I would look is among “the least of these.”

Chapter four and the beginning of five in the book of Mark have just spoken deeply to my heart for so many reasons. One, though, will fit in this context. When Jesus and His disciples jumped into the boat in chapter four they arrived on the other side as Jesus had said He wanted to. When they got there Jesus went to this demon possessed man that no one could control, not even chains, and approached him. Now, the story goes on and Jesus does some incredible things, making some incredible statements, and showing His divine authority. However, in response to the preceding passages in chapter four I wonder if the point of this story is often missed.

Jesus just got done telling His disciples to spread seed, be a lamp on a stand, and letting them know that the Kingdom of God is seemingly small and insignificant, but when it is planted and grows nothing can compare and others will benefit. After that Mark tells us that He loads up and goes to the other side of the lake. Where is that, among the unclean people who herd pigs. Remember, pigs were not animals that Jews interacted with. So Jesus takes His followers to the unclean, and then finds the one that the unclean thought was unclean, and that is where He showed the ones that He just got done teaching, how to be that la
Where do you find Jesus? In jail, with the wanderer, in the nursing home, in the hospital, in the bar, in the hood, and at the bus stop in the trailer park. If you are looking to hang out with Jesus, you can find Him where no one else wants to be. mp on a stand.

If you plan on going with Him, be warned, you will hit a storm out in the middle of the water, and don’t be surprised when you find Jesus taking a nap when you feel like all hope is lost. Remember, He controls the weather. So I challenge you to go and pick a fight with a legion of demons and watch to see what the King does.