The pain of my flesh being torn into peices,                                                                                       So weak from the loss of my blood I’ve gone speechless

I lay broken and hopeless unable to rest                                                                                   While my heart is being violently ripped from my chest

Unable to breath from the pain that’s within                                                              Is the agony I suffer daily from sin

But thanks be to God whom through Jesus Christ                                                                 I have been given new breath and fullness of life

As He sat there abused right out in the open                                                             being mocked and insulted while His body was broken

His blood poured out to set me free                                                                                         It was me who deserved to hang on the tree

He died in my place, pierced, battered, and broken                                                                 My penalties paid, my account not left opened.

Three days later defeating the beast                                                                                          He rose from the dead bringing hope to the least

In Him there is new life, for He redeemed what was lost                                                        A new heart that was purchased with His death on the Cross.

My life dedicated to forever serving Him                                                                                  Who freed me from suffering the agony of sin.