Last night while I was at work I received a phone call from a couple that lives here in the trailer park. They have been caring for their brother who had suffered a major stroke not too long ago and left him unable to take care of himself. As if his inability to hear was not difficult enough, this addition of total dependence must have been rough. For a little while now, I have been going over to pray for the brother, who requests prayer semi regularly. The wife is a believer, the brother is also a believer, but the husband is a skeptic to say the least. He knows scripture, he asks questions to pastors, and watches movies on the Bible, but just can’t bring himself to submit to the lordship if Jesus Christ.

The call was to tell me that the brother was slipping away. His vital signs were very low, and his overall condition is fading rapidly. When I arrived at their house about an hour later they were surprised that I came. See, their pastor (her pastor) had been called a few times and was unable to make it. I cannot pretend to know why, but God put me here for this reason, so why not go? The conversation was priceless. We have had many wonderful conversations over the past few times that I have been over. In fact, the couple has started stopping by our trailer just to say hello. As I was finishing up praying over the brother and getting ready to leave the husband said something incredible to me.

“Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t let anyone tell you different, it is easy to see God in you.” I had no clue what to say. At this moment I was a little confused, because I pray daily for the Lord to show Himself in me, because I feel I fall short daily. “You’ll see” he said, “it’ll be worth it, you will save a few.” At that moment it got quiet. It hit me, how many is enough? It was almost like they were waiting for me to respond as if it was a question. That is when God spoke. “If it was all for one soul, that would be worth it.”

Why do we minister? How many souls would it take for you to see your ministry as a success? We mark down our denominational spreadsheets with numbers of salvation’s
and baptisms, and I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with that, but is that the measure of success? If your whole life of ministry was to save one person, would that be okay with you? I am not sure I could have answered that question with a yes before yesterday. Today, though, I say AMEN.