Last nights gathering at the gym was a pretty good one. I am ashamed to admit that I allowed the week of choreography get in the way of my preparation for the bible study, but God is God and He was gracious enough to allow me to speak semi clearly to them. We decided that we will try to transition to meeting every week, and kind of take it to the next level. Pray that God will bless that, and lives will be changed.

Alan and Deb Hirsch wrote in their book “Untamed” about the concept of pre-conversion discipleship. The idea is that people can be and are discipled well before they become professed believers in Jesus Christ. In fact, I believe that it leads to conversion. As I accepted this teaching based on my study of scripture in light of this question, I decided three years ago that I would design my cheer program to mirror the Christian life. I have been teaching them about working for a better cause, coming together with different people to encourage one another and train for competition. I have been teaching them to work within their gifts to encourage one another and make the program run smoothly. They have been learning how to represent who they are as members of the team to those around them which has led them to invite and recruit people to come and join them. It has been an amazing three years, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the future.

Last night I was able to reveal to them what I had been doing the whole time. Our discussion about who the Church is and what is the point was the perfect stage to reveal their discipleship. When I explained to them all that they had been learning for the past couple of years and how that related to the Kingdom of God, their eyes were opened and their minds were blown. That was a moment of great victory for me. I saw in their eyes the connection between what they have been learning all along and following Jesus Christ.

For a brief moment, during our time together, I was discouraged. My thoughts were negative, I knew I was going to fail. “There is no way that I will see an expression of the Church gathering here under my leadership.” This thought was quickly refuted when the Lord said, “You will, however, see a gathering here under MY leadership.”

He has orchestrated an incredible overture of events harmonizing together to produce a breathtaking result in growth of His kingdom through the small group of cheerleaders in Slidell, LA. Where will it lead? I haven’t the slightest clue, other than to the glory and honor of our savior Jesus Christ. Pray for us, as we prepare to gather the harvest, pray for workers from within it.