It struck me as weird when I got so excited that only two people showed up last night for the gathering at the gym. It has, in the past, been characteristic of me to get discouraged when attendance to gatherings or bible studies that I am leading is low. Yesterday, however, I was actually excited. I had prepared something to teach on, but I couldn’t help but see this as an opportunity to take the conversation to an incredible level.

I wrote the question; “What is stopping you from believing in Jesus?” When the two that were there read the question, the conversation took an unexpected turn. I expected there to be silence until I encouraged them to add to the conversation. That was not the case at all, in fact, they answered at the same time with different answers. The first answer was, “I just need some proof!” After a long conversation and some great interaction it was made clear to him that he too is accepting the fact that God is not real based on no proof, and in turn, accepting it as truth from faith. This blew his mind.

Once, they told me that they loved being a part of the group due to the fact that I “kept it real”, so I wasn’t about to stop now. I had no choice, I had to keep it real, so I spent most of the time explaining to them the concept of stepping out on faith and expecting God to show up.

We tend to ask people to make a decision based on the exact same thing that they have made their previous decision based on. They are taught in school about evolution and the big bang theory, and we tell them that those people are wrong and not listen to them. However, we seldom offer any solid reason as to why they should believe us. After all, if we are prepared to be honest, we too lack the visible qualities of Christ more than we resemble them. My friend kept asking the same question over and over, “Why won’t He just show me then?” I could sense the desperation in His voice, and to his own admission he wants disparately to believe, he wants a new life and is tired of screwing up the one he is living now. He just needs to see God, to know that He is real.

One thing that I learned while living in the trailer park was that people were scared to live a life other than the one they know. They can see the beauty in a life in Christ, but are having problems dropping their nets. This is where it hit me. What is the invitation of Christ? He invites us to follow Him, and when His disciples follow Him they see all of the amazing things that come with a life following Jesus. Jesus continues to show us who the Father is, to show us that He is the Christ. Do we believe this? Do we believe that Christ shows us His majesty as we follow Him? If so, why do we merely ask people to accept what we say? Paul says to “follow me as I follow Christ”, so why not say the same to someone understandably scared to drop their nets?

Here was my invitation to my friend. “Follow me, and you will see what you are looking for. I follow Christ, if you want to see Him, I promise He will show you some crazy things, but you have to follow. You do not have to be scared, I will go with you, we will follow Him together.” Don’t just tell people to follow Christ, take them on your journey with you, bring them along as you follow Christ. Also, pray for my friend, pray that God will show up in a supernatural way. Pray also for me, as I ask him to follow me as I follow Christ.