Not to long ago, a handful of us started doing a bible study in they gym where I coach. At the first gathering we had about seven or eight cheerleaders show up. After that, there was a couple of gatherings where there were up near 10. It hasn’t been consistent, in fact, I can think of one particular gathering where there was only two people there. In spite of all of the fluctuating attendees, I continue to faithfully go back and teach whatever it is that I have to teach. On one occasion, no one showed up so I put on an audio book and started to do a little work around the gym. Things are changing, and I think for the better.

This morning we had sixteen people there including my family (seventeen if you count Isaac). I know that numbers aren’t really that important, I believe that God is going to bring who He wills and how ever many that is, I will be happy to teach. An interesting thing has happened, the girls have started bringing their families. At the last gathering one of the parents asked to stay, and today in addition to the one parent, a whole family joined us as well. I was overjoyed to see the number of people that were gathered there to be introduced to Jesus.

I have started to think of different things that I would like to start doing; for example, coffee, maybe some breakfast type snack foods in order to bring them in earlier and get some talking and relationship building time in. Also, I would love to be able to put bibles in their hands, or hook my computer up to the tv that is in there so that I can maybe include a power point or show a video once in a while. All of these things take resources that I currently don’t have. All I know from the bottom of my heart I want to make disciples, and see them do the same.

What is so incredible to me about the amount of people who showed up today, is that when I look out and see them all there, I see potential church plants. I see many more bible studies, just like ours popping up around the city from these people. This is my dream, my dream is to see these in all of their neighborhoods, maybe in coffee shops, gyms, parks, homes, you name it. I would love to see them all gather together periodically to celebrate Christ together, and to grow with one another. I want to see the Church in Slidell raise up to love and impact the city. This will take time, and much needed prayer. I plead to the Lord to send workers, to provide resources, and to bring partners who will join me in these efforts. Perhaps support, maybe just prayer, who know, only God does.

Pray for the gathering at the gym. Pray that God will multiply the gospel in the city of Slidell, and that He will use this small gathering of people to infiltrate the city’s neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for me that I will have wisdom on what moves to make, and when to make them. Pray for my family that we will survive the attacks of the enemy. Pray that God will bless us, and change many lives through the ministry. Pray for partners, and resources so that we can effectively add more to the Lord. Pray for Slidell, and for those of us who are seeking the Lord’s kingdom. Pray that the next time I write a blog about the gathering, that I will have stories of life change to tell.