Large crowds gather in awe and amazement at the moment where their king will enter their city. This king that they have been waiting for to take the throne, the one who will make all of their economic hardships disappear, and take them away from the rule of the tyrant. His throne is ready, made from most precious metals and stones. His crown awaits to be placed on his head while the commoners are laying all of their most prize possessions in the great hall where he will sit and rule. His temple; a shrine filled with riches and sacrifice in order to please him so that he will rule in their favor. Their king; a god who will descend from the heavens to take his place in the temple built for him, riding on a chariot of fire with wings and hosts of his warrior beings surrounding him as he makes a grand entrance. He looks like nothing they have ever seen before, they fall on their faces, some dead, because they are unable to handle the glory of their god. This is the moment they have been waiting for, this is the moment when their god comes to save them. 

When I think of God coming to earth to save His people, something like this would have been fitting. I think of a palace that no one is able to enter in order to keep it holy for the day the He comes. If our holy scriptures would have read something like this, it would have been more than acceptable and would fit more along the lines of what other religions and cultures had in mind.  After all, God comes to earth, the creator of all things, the sustainer of life, the One who makes all things work and function. He deserves the very best that we have, and as Creator He would demand that nothing less than the most valuable we have in order to show our appreciation. babyjesus

What does that say about God? The Creator of all things decides not to come in all of His glory, but as a baby; not laid in a gold cradle, but in a manger. He was not lavished in riches, but  surrounded by animals; not ushered to a holy place, but turned away from an inn. God is born of a virgin and very few people knew about it, and the ones who did were not the religious leaders who were waiting for Him, but the outcast who hoped for Him.

Tomorrow we celebrate the moment in human history where God became flesh. We celebrate the divine moment when all of human history came to its perfect time and
God entered the world to save man kind from himself and set all things right. To bring peace to those tormented by sin, and freedom to all mankind who are in bondage to sin and death. We sit, amazed at the mother who holds her child, feeding from the breast, nurturing our King, our Savior. The Messiah has come!