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I finished my first week of CrossFit today, and for the first time in a long time I feel as if I have accomplished something. This journey is unlike one that I have ever been on before. CrossFit does not only push you beyond your physical limits, but tests your mental and emotional Imagebreaking points. Maybe it is because I am brand new at it, but to be honest, I hope it never changes. Every day has been a new challenge, and every day has shown me how far I can push myself. 

I noticed that every day that I go, before hand I sit in wonder about what we will be doing at CrossFit. Finish Strong Crossfit in Slidell, LA posts the WOD (work out of the day) vaguely on the Facebook page. I am not really up on the language yet so most of what they post I don’t understand anyway, thus it doesn’t help me at all in getting mentally prepared. Due to this I have noticed that a fear sneak in based on self doubt and many years of convincing myself that I cannot do certain things, in turn holding myself back from getting into a healthy lifestyle. All of those thoughts from all of those years have been confronted, or will be confronted through this journey. There is always that voice in my head that says, “You made last time, but you got lucky. There is no way you will be able to make it this time, just turn around and go eat something that you like.” They first victory comes when I step foot in the gym. 

This week has been about overcoming those fears. One day after another I am conquering fear, I am spitting in the face of self doubt, breaking the chains that have for so long held me back from being the man that God had intended me to be all along. I see this in my cheerleaders all of the time. This new skill, this mountain that seems so high that no one can climb creates doubt of the person’s ability to accomplish this feat. This is dangerous because once it sets in it spreads like cancer to other areas of life until it has completely taken over and the person lie paralyzed, unable to accomplish anything, drowning the person in a pool of self pity and depression. Once this has happened, they end up; well where I was a week ago. 

Finish Strong CrossFit has helped me this week to see the chains, recognize the doubt, and conditioned in me the strength to rip the chains out of the wall. CrossFit is not only conditioning me to physically be my best, but conditioning me to say “Yes I can” and see the challenges as another opportunity reveal to myself that limits only exist in my head. 

It is clear that before self control can be had, you have to condition to control self. Why it is so important to me is because through this physical test I have been shown more clearly the ability of followers of Jesus Christ to say “no” to those things that have held us captive for all of our lives. It is a reminder that I have been set free from the chains that held me down from the beginning, the inability to deny the desires of the flesh and live a life pleasing to Jesus. Not a bunch of rules and regulations, but a real life, fit for service, and free from doubt and limitations. A life to the fullest. A life of finishing strong.