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As a coach one of the things that I set out to do is inspire young people. Inspire them to what? To be better, to be confident, and to live a life that stands out from the crowd and inspires others to do the same. I guess you could say that I hope to inspire, inspirers. How do you do this? Well, I don’t think that there is a formula, or a book of common practices that leads to being and inspiration to others I just think that you have to live a life inspired by something or someone. In order to inspire, you must first be inspired. 

Robert E. Coleman wrote in his book “The Master Plan of Evangelism” that ” a living sermon is worth more than one hundred spoken ones.” Not to take away from the power of the spoken word, but the lived out example is that which inspires others to do likewise. For example, I try and teach my cheerleaders to face fears, to live healthy, and strive for fitness; but I sit here overweight, and scared to do what it takes to change it. How can I be an inspiration if my life is one that is lacking inspiration? My words mean nothing if my actions do not illustrate what those words look like. The same goes for you.

Do you inspire others to live a better life? Is your life one that people can see and want to emulate? When other people see you do they desire to find out how to get what you have going on? I don’t mean physical possessions, but passion, peace, joy, and clarity are the things that people long for. Sure anyone can inspire someone to lose weight or work hard, but what about inspiring someone to inspire someone else?

Such should be the life of the follower of Jesus. The follower of Christ is one who is a walking inspiration to others. One who can face adversity with a sense of calm and cool; one who can look at trial in the face and not back down due to a knowledge of the everlasting hope that is in Christ Jesus. A true follower of Christ does everything with excellence and seeks to use every opportunity to inspire others to want to know how or why he/she does the things that he/she does. Live a life that is inspired by Christ, that inspires others, to inspire others.