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After my second week of CrossFit my life has truly begun to change. I am feeling a lot more confident, I have a lot more energy, and I have overcome obstacles that I never thought would be possible. CrossFit has taught me that my physical limits are merely mental limits manifest in my unwillingness to try. However, those have been lessons that week one was teaching me. I believe that these are reminders daily in the life of a CrossFit-er. This week something a little heavier has been weighing on my heart.

One of the things that unfortunately comes with a well built physique is pride. Not the kind of pride that comes with a great accomplishment, but the kind that makes you think too highly of yourself. In the fitness world the focus has been turned towards the perfect body, or building strong; sexy muscles. Look at the advertisements around town. Six pack abs, bulging biceps, the butt she had in high school, or whatever the body part the idea is that you look good without clothes on. People have become so over dedicated to making themselves look better they have forgotten about the whole life transformation. To some degree, CrossFit teaches life transformation. They teach a dedication to fitness and health, however, in many lives the focus is still looking good. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, after all I too want to look good, but what good is it to me or anyone else if he or she becomes the most fit person in the world but loses what is really important.

How can becoming fit cause you to lose what is important? Being fit isn’t the reason for Imagelosing everything, however it can be an illusion to what you are looking for. I know by now that it has become obvious what my beliefs are, and how Jesus reigns supreme in my life. It was He who said, “ For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:36. Jesus is talking about not denying Him and His rightful place in our lives; the place of the King.

There are many teachings and things, just like fitness, that can get in the way of our spiritual journey. This became evident in my life as I began to focus completely on the fitness and my relationship with Jesus has been slowly becoming more of an acquaintance. See we can spend our lives working and working to own the world, or to be the most fit person in the world, but at the end when the inevitable moment of death finds its way into our lives we have gained nothing but a nicer body to bury.

So I say, don’t stop your efforts for fitness. I encourage it, in fact, I plan to continue on my journey to be the most fit that I can be on this earth. I even believe that there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but please do not forget that your spiritual fitness is equally if not more important. I would hate for one of you to reach the end of your days and realize that there was something that you have missed all along. His name is Jesus. The beauty about CrossFit is that Jesus fits very well there. CrossFit and the life of a believer are very similar, the difference is the focus. The same, nay, better results can be had from CrossFit when coupled with a growing relationship with the savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, relationship, personal relationship. The Creator of all things wants to be your encourager, your coach, your King, your motivation, your new life, your complete life transformation.

It is amazing how many people out there try to get the best out of CrossFit, but they remove the “cross” from the “fit”. There truly is a more fulfilling life out there. As hard as it is to believe that anyone can get more out of the wonderful gift of CrossFit, but the truth is that I get so much more when I know at the end of the workout that my King is pleased and that as I kneel on my face in prayer to the Lord for all of the athletes at the gym, thanking Him for the opportunity to be there and enjoy the great sport of CrossFit, my overall fitness is going to be a story to tell to anyone who will listen. Imagine being able to tell all of those people that we talk to about CrossFit, about the full life transformation that there is to be had; when we put the Cross into CrossFit.