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CrossFit week three has been quite an interesting week, but man did it end with a bang! I wish that I had the space on the blog to write all that I learned but the reality is the few of you who read this would probably reduce by much more if I keep writing too long of blogs. Anyway, this week ended with my cousin and I volunteering at a local CrossFit competition that was co-hosted by the gym I am a part of; Finish Strong CrossFit in Slidell, LA. 

I don’t know how I can sit here and write this blog without talking about my first experience at a CrossFit competition. So here goes. 

To be honest, I started off a little uncomfortable. It is not easy to look around you and realize that if there is anyone there that is less fit than you are they are being hidden by all of the fit people in the room. I felt like I didn’t fit in. This was quickly dissolved  by the welcoming personalities of the people of Finish Strong. As a volunteer I was helping move equipment and set up the field for the competition, this means that I was in contact with all of the athletes who were competing, and the atmosphere was incredible. One of the best parts of this was that I felt like part of a team again. I know that I am part of a team anyway, after all I am the coach of a competitive cheerleading squad, but this is different, this is that feeling that you get when you are a part of a team as a competitor; a feeling that if you ask me was too short lived and has been missing from my life for far too long. I know that I am not a competitor, and that I am not even ready to be one either, but the people at Finish Strong treat you like you are just as much an athlete as they are. They treat you like family. 

One of the things that I loved so much about the competition was that at this competition there was a professional football player among the competitors. When you think about a professional football player, more so, a wide receiver you tend to think of elite athleticism. When I heard this my first thought was how unfair it is to have a pro athlete at a local competition because he would obviously leave the competition behind. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I noticed that CrossFit levels the playing field. Everyone there is measured by their ability to push past the doubt that stops us and rely on their dedication to fitness on a daily basis. Professional athlete or not, the reality is that on that field, he was no different from anyone else. This gave me hope. 

Hope, a hope that I have the ability compete once again. I see that everyone is eligible to compete, everyone is capable of working to get to a place where they too can stand next to a professional athlete and have just as much a chance as he does at winning. I see hope forImage a future that allows me to once again experience the thrill of competition. Thanks to Finish Strong CrossFit I have a reason to train, a reason to practice, and motivation to get good at something again. They have helped me find my competitive edge again, they have given me the desire to compete. 

In week three of CrossFit I almost didn’t finish a workout, tried going two days in a row, failed at multiple movements, and volunteered at a competition. With the failures I have had this week, and the doubt I have been battling about my ability to continue on and do well this week has finished with an incredible climax. The box at which I have been training has for the past three weeks has once again lived up to their name and finished strong.