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Looking down the the dark tunnel of the unknown, stepping into the room where no light has been shone, being bound to the wall by the chain of uncertainty, doubt reaching in and bringing out man’s insecurities, unable to move forward because your paralyzed by the enemy who works tirelessly to render you hopeless and hungry for the change that you fear you are unable to make.


Not the end result but the beginning of the journey, the step through the fear that sets you free from the gurney, the moment that breaks those chains of uncertainty, the freedom to laugh in the face of adversity, the strength to find mobility in spite of the diagnosis of paralysis in order to move forward leaving doubt in the rearview, the decision to walk down the dark hallway is the beginning of the victory over fear.

The Source;

The source doesn’t come from where you might think, it doesn’t come from within where you fight and dig deep, it is not the result from gritting your teeth, or pulling your boot straps and covering your feet, not even a magic potion you drink, this is exactly what the enemy wants you to think;

The source is the One who came from above, the source is the cross that is covered in blood, the victory came with He who took on the flesh, it was He who suffered to set us free from death, He is the one who broke the chains, only He has the power to change the game.

You too can experience the freedom from fear, the whispers of the doubt often whispered in your ear, if you walk down that dark hall and open the door where the light is so bright you’ll fall on the floor and cover your eyes to try and hide the glory that you just can’t hide, you’ll see who you are and your need for His grace, you’ll cry out to Jesus to see His face, you’ll turn from your sins and follow His pace, He’ll embrace you with love and welcome you in, He’ll point to the cross where He covered your sin and send you to shine the light in the dark to bring others to enjoy a life eternally with Him.