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What do you get with a CrossFit membership? This is one of those questions that I get a lot. People can see what kind of physical changes are taking place in my life and begin to ask questions a lot about what CrossFit is, but the physical changes are only the a small part. So Imagewhat do you get with a CrossFit membership? Well, at some gyms or better known as boxes you might get a t-shirt and a water bottle, but at Finish Strong CrossFit in Slidell, LA, you get a little more than that. You get to be a part of a family.

This week I started to feel like the fitness part is getting a little better. I have finished first in the WOD once and have not been last all week. I have realized that my range of motion is getting better and that my strength is getting greater. I can lift more, run further, breath better, and for the first time in a decade do a pull-up without assistance. Not a day goes by, not a work out gets done, and not a struggle gets faced without the support and encouragement from the Finish Strong community. From posts on Facebook to a thumbs up in passing when someone hears about a personal best in the box the Finish Strong CrossFit family is there every step of the way to make sure that you continue on your path to being the best you that you can be.

Today, I saw that in a way that I never have before. Just a few minutes ago, I had a family cookout which included my CrossFit coaches. I wasn’t sure what to think when they all pulled up in my driveway (it was a planned surprise party for my birthday) but when they all got out and were ready to grill out I was taken back. Not only was I surprised by the party, but when my cousins, one of my best friends, and my CrossFit coaches were all in the same place I knew that I had gotten a lot more than just a gym membership; to my surprise I got friends. I know that they could have been somewhere else, doing something they enjoyed doing, but they sat there in my back yard hanging out and laughing and enjoying themselves. Whether or not they came out of obligation to the invitation, they came, to me that meant more than they could ever imagine.

So I ask you the question: What did you get with your gym membership?