One of the things that I love most about CrossFit is that I seem to learn something new each week. Sure I learn new movements and workouts regularly, and sure I learn new things about myself and my own abilities, but the lessons learned through CrossFit that carry into other areas of my life are priceless. It seems as if every time I learn something new about what it means to be a CrossFit-er I see how it applies to every other area of my life. CrossFit truly is a new way of life, but fitness is not the only place where the majority of us could change, it goes much further than that. 

There are two ways to do CrossFit: 1) Go to the box sometimes 5 or 6 days a week, work out, and live your life with minimal change while gaining minimal results in fitness. 2) Go to the box everyday just like the first way, but embrace the life change and carry your change beyond the box. One thing is for sure, I struggle with this. It is easy to be a CrossFit-er in the box, but when faced with daily decisions the journey gets difficult. When you take on the challenge of CrossFit, you take on the challenge to change your life for the better including life outside of the box. 

I will make the argument that most of America, and probably the world struggle with the same thing. The sad part is, that it doesn’t only infect the fitness aspect of life, but everywhere else as well. I think it boils down to the human condition, part of which renders us fearful of change. We create certain habits or live our lives a certain way for so long that we are comfortable doing so, even if it is killing us. Eating habits, behavior patterns, addictions, and the like are all things that can be changed, but seldom are due to our fear of knowing how to live any other way. 

This lesson hit me hard one day while I was in the box mid workout. My endurance is struggling and I am getting frustrated with how long it is taking me to build it up. However, what more do I do than one hour a day five days a week of working out? Nil. I expect the results but have yet to commit to the life change. Part of which is choosing to do instead of choosing to not do. 

At the moment this hit me, another thought came crashing down on me from the Father. How much does my fitness life reflect my life as a follower of the Way? It is easy to change the language, go through the motions, and sing the songs in church while living life in a way that reflects the rest of the World. Even more scary is that I can live a life reading the very words of God yet engage in “church” activities that reflect nothing written but are in direct contradiction to what the Father says. This is scary!

Here is my point. What good is it to go fishing but never cast a line? What good is it to drive to the gym but sit on the bench reading the paper? None! Just like it is not good to only change one area of your life, you must change them all. Make the choices that reflect the changes that you are claiming to have made. It has been made clear to me that most of the time when someone is trying to “look the part” they dress different, talk different, and try to stand out from the crowd, however, they just blend in to those around them and really look nothing like those they are claiming to be like. 

I hope you have noticed by now that I have stopped talking about fitness, and started talking about life. If you want to change your life you have to go all in. You have to stop living as if you are new, but actually be new. I too struggle with this, and not only when it comes to CrossFit; but the first step is recognizing it. I hope you see it too, I hope you recognize that even if you are completely dedicated to your fitness and health your body can only take you so far. You must change not only the way you eat and work, but the way you live and think.