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Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to stay in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. ~ Newton’s First Law of Motion. 

I am no physicist, but what I think this says is that when something is moving, it will continue to move unless force is applied in order to stop it from moving. So, when a ball is rolling the friction from the ground, or if someone or something were to touch it, the ball would begin to slow down and ultimately stop. Now if you were to roll the ball and it would hit a wall, the fact Imagethat the ball hit an immovable force would not only stop the ball, but cause the ball to begin to move in the opposite direction. This gets into another one of Newton’s laws, and because I am not some kind of academic we will stop here. 

Though this law of motion and physics applies to physical motion it cannot apply to human emotion and nature. When I first started CrossFit I was warned about the “wall”. What this wall is, is the point of time when you stop seeing the results you saw in the beginning and start to slow down and lose motivation. I have hit the wall! To be honest, my muscles hurt, I have slacked a little on my diet, and I have used my second job as an excuse to miss CrossFit. 

The thing about walls is that we believe that they are immovable. They are so, permanent. So here I am, looking up at the wall, too tall to climb, scratching my head in wonder and discouragement ready to walk back and give up the journey. The thing about walls, though, is that they are not immovable. I can remember from my early childhood watching on television as the Berlin Wall came down, or reading in my Bible about the walls of Jericho. The reality is that walls do come down, and climbing them is not necessary. How do they come down? They come down by having the desire to break through them and the faith that they will. 

The coaches at Finish Strong CrossFit in Slidell, LA not only build you physically to survive a rigorous workout, but they equip you with what is needed to break through the wall. When it comes time and they see you staring at the wall ready to walk away, they not only encourage you, but show you that they have given you the tools to break that wall down. 

The fact of the matter is, there are walls that pop up everywhere in life. Most of us see these walls and just turn around to find another way. We open doors and take alternate routs that just take us to more walls and more detours. The reality is, because of these walls we never make it to our destination and often settle for another one, just because we are tired of finding other walls. That is of course, until we realize that all along we are sitting next to a wall and have to move again. 

The trick to walls is, you have to go through them, because the only way to get to where you are going is by breaking through the wall to stay on the path. Walls are not permanent, they are merely obstacles, and even though they are difficult to get through and will take someImage work to break down, no matter the wall there is a way through. Jesus offers this to all of us. Not through some building or program, but by grace through faith. He never promises easy, but just like Finish Strong CrossFit, He gives you the tools to break them down and the encouragement to keep moving through them. 

Are you tired of walking away from wall? Here is a word of advice; first get to know Jesus; then do CrossFit.