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Last weekend the South Central Regional competition for CrossFit stayed at the center of my radar. With two of my coaches from Finish Strong CrossFit in Slidell, LA as competitors my attention was fixed on the results as the competition progressed. As the competition went on and the live feed played on my phone everywhere I went I began to get this crazy idea that I wanted to go to regionals next year; not as a spectator, but as a competitor. 

Since the thought of competing at regionals has crossed my mind, my emotions have been all over the place. I have spend days and nights seriously thinking and taking a mental inventory of what it might take to make it to regionals next year. See, I am not one of those super fit guys, in fact, I am only about 5 months in to my CrossFit journey and am loving every second of it, but I am no where near the shape to compete; not at the regional level.


This is me.

I am going to have to get a lot stronger, and my endurance is going to have to get a lot better. On top of that, my mental toughness is going to have to grow with the physical. I have been back and forth trying to figure out if I will devote the next year to really trying to get to that level and make it to regionals, or if I would just continue doing CrossFit to get back in shape. Here are a list of things stopping me:

1. Money – To get to this level supplements are almost necessary. Strength and recovery are key and both of those need to grow. In fact, if not for the generosity of some wonderful people I couldn’t even have tasted CrossFit. The truth is, I can’t afford to provide my family with all of our needs, and but for the grace of God we would be in a lot worse of a condition.

2. Resources – Supplements could be included in this as well, but I only have time to go to the box once a day. Sure I got a med ball for a birthday gift, and body weight exercises can be done anywhere, but building the strength I need will have to include multiple workouts a day. I just don’t have the equipment to make that possible, or the time with my weird work schedule to go lift anymore.

3. Ability – This might be one of the biggest issues I have. I just have a lot going against me. I have two bad knees, ankles, and the results of 7 years smoking about 2.5 packs a day. Yesterday’s WOD revealed to me that I may not have what it takes to get to that level again.

4. Nay sayers – Only one or two people have actually come out and said that they doubt that I could make it to that level in a year, two years maybe, but not one. Others have only been positive, but you know that hesitation before the answer… the one that you can tell they are holding back the truth. Yeah, I get that a lot. “….Sure….you can do it…”

The truth is, there is a lot of people out there that I could impact if this were the case. I could teach my children that hard work pays off. My cheerleaders could be inspired to shoot for the stars by seeing their coach achieve such a great accomplishment. My self discipline would grow, my walk with the Lord will also grow as perseverance would have to be the theme. This journey would not only be a physical one, but a spiritual one as well. I would be shooting for total balance and growth in all areas. I only wish there were more people who believed in me, including myself.

As I wait for the Lord to reply with His approval I am starting to think that this journey may be more about the journey than the results. The value may be in the process of getting there than actually making the destination. Perhaps even if I don’t make it, the lessons will be the same, and the impact would be greater. I don’t know, nor do I pretend to know whether or not this is true. So maybe it is worth the try. Will you follow me on this journey, will you meet me here to see how my journey is going? I will spend the rest of this week on my normal regiment listening for the Lord, and hopefully begin the journey next week. Hope to see you here.

Step 1. Sell my truck and buy some equipment or supplements, and start riding my bike to work. Better wait on this one too…