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For years I have been trying to lose weight and get back in shape. Time and time again I met failure in the area of fitness. My dreams of getting back to the athlete I once was began drift off into the obis of lost dreams. There was a moment when I had given up on getting in shape and started to accept who I had become. What was the reason for my failure? Why couldn’t I seem to get back in shape? I thought perhaps, other people were suffering from the same thing. 

I have realized that for so many years I have tried to compartmentalize my life and change only the things that I thought were the problem. I didn’t commit fully to the life change, in fact, it was merely a diet change, or a change in my physical activity for a couple hours a day or so, but never included a total life change. We can’t expect to change our fitness if we do not commit to changing our lives. Since I have joined CrossFit I have learned that if I wanted to change who I was, I have to change who I am. 

Changing your diet and your workout plan is important, but without changing the things that make you, you it will only result in the same things that you have made you who you are. We have to change habits that go beyond diet, we must change how much time we spend in front of the television, the way we play with out children (or don’t). In order to make the changes, our decisions have to come from a different place, and result in different outcomes. Only when we can take on the identity can we fully change who we are and unlock who we can become. 

The questions is; Who do we become? It is an important question. This truth goes beyond fitness, it fits in all of life. Are you trying to let go of something that haunts you? Is there a part of you that you just don’t like, but can’t seem to leave it behind? We all have that, the answer is to completely change everything about who you are. Easier said than done? Well, it may not be easy, but it is simple. Jesus, the answer is Jesus. 

People shake their heads at the name of Jesus, but has anything else worked? He offers a new life, a new identity, freedom and redemption, and an opportunity to finally put to rest that person who has been haunting you for years. 

My desire, since I am no physical trainer is to be a spiritual one. I don’t have anything to offer for those who have given me so much, but what I have I give freely, eternal life through Jesus Christ, a full life change, total fitness.