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This is a story about a girl who couldn’t find happiness. 

Gabriella (just a made up name) grew up in a regular home with parents who loved her and everything she needed. She was a little “different” from the other kids, not in an extraordinary way just looked a little different and wasn’t popular. She dressed modestly and not according to the popular style, though nice, just not in the way the popular culture defined it. Because of this she found herself as the butt of a lot of jokes. She was picked on a lot and based on today’s standards we would say she was bullied. Her personality didn’t allow for her to show the hurt that this caused, but there was pain buried deep within that not even her family could see. As she grew up she tried different things and her interests carried her in many different directions but nothing really ever panned out for her. She was good at a lot of things but never good enough to be considered for the teams or if she were on the teams she was never seen as an asset. This just lead to more ridicule by others. She pressed on, often making a joke out of it and pretending that it didn’t hurt her, but inside was a constant cloud of depression. The only thing that she had was writing, but she never had any formal training and she wouldn’t let anyone see her work, but it was kind of an outlet for her, a place where she could be alone and not have any negative feed back from anyone. She could be safe. 

As she grew older in high school and found a place where she could excel she began to create an identity around it. It was her new passion and her new life. Even though there was some ridicule in it, she was excelling at a rapid pace and no matter the comments she was truly happy and wouldn’t be detoured. As she came to a point in her life where she would have to choose what she would do with her life, she chose her passion instead of college. She went from place to place learning and growing in her passion. This passion brought her into a place where she was not only accepted, but seen as important and loved. She began to see the vast world of her passion and how it connected into some interesting areas that the average person would never get to experience. Gabby felt fulfilled for the fist time in her life. When she started to fall in love with the feeling she got from people accepting her and actually wanting to hang out with her, she got addicted. 

This is where she developed a habit. She turned experiences into stories that built her up to be a little more than she was. Her life became so fogged and jumbled that she could no longer differentiate between what really happened and what she would tell people. Soon she lost herself in the person she wished she was. 

This life turned Gabby into a person she never thought she would be, in fact, it turned her into the person she used to run from as a child. Gabby became “cool” and fed off of that, she craved it and would do whatever was needed in order to keep it. Finally she realized that in her wake was a disaster of broken relationships and people whom she hurt. Gabby pressed forward only to find herself alone, even in the midst of a group of people. There was never any fulfillment anymore, and as she grew older her passion was no longer physically possible for her. All of a sudden there was a familiar face in her life, it was the dark figure that used to follow her around everywhere she went. 

“Hey Gabby. How have you been?” He said.

“What are you doing here?” She responded

“I’ve always been here Gabby, I have just been sitting here waiting for you to notice me again.”

She noticed that he looked a little different from what she remembered. “I don’t remember you being so big.”

“Ha ha ha ha! Oh Gabby, I have been growing with you all a long. You have been feeding me this whole time, we have been talking and spending time together since we met! Don’t you remember all of the time we have spent together?” He responded

“What? Yah right! I think I would have noticed you here. Your HUGE!!” She uttered in disbelief

He walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Gabby, how could you have gotten rid of me, we are stuck together.”

Just then Gabby noticed a chain that linked the two together and a iron clasp on her wrist and his connecting the two. “Oh no…”

“Who do you think has been helping build that person.” He said pointing to the mirror

As Gabby turned around she noticed that the person in the mirror was someone completely different than she remembered. She dropped to her knees in fear covering her face and crying out, “PLEASE HELP ME!!!” 

“You don’t need help Gabby, you are stuck with me, there is no getting away. It’s time you realize that I am the only friend you have. No one likes you, in fact, everyone hates you. You will never be good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. C’mon Gabby, you don’t even know who you really are anymore. 

As Gabby stood back up and looked in the mirror she saw this hole, it was a hole that she noticed when she first met the dark figure. Back then it was smaller, now it was like she couldn’t even see her torso anymore but only the dark figure standing behind her. On the floor around her she saw the remains of all that she had used before to try and fill that hole.

“What is all of that?” She asked

“What do you mean, we have been trying to fix that hole all of your life, that is what we used. Don’t worry Gabby, I have a couple of ideas on how we can fill it, but it’s time we go big!” He said to her.

As she gazed at her reflection she noticed that she was pale and skinny. Her hair was straggly and her dark circles around her eyes made her stomach turn. She realized that there was an interesting light coming from the top of the mirror that revealed the truth of her appearance to her. Curios about the light she wanted to reach up and touch it, but she just couldn’t take her eyes off of the reflection of herself in the mirror. There was a voice, a strange voice, one that she hadn’t recognized before. “Gabby, this is what happens when you keep in the shadows and only go about at dark.” The voice said.

Gabby recognized that the dark figure was getting uncomfortable behind her. Just then there was a knock at the door.

As Gabby turned to go to the door she could feel the dark figure pulling at the chain. Once she felt the tug she hesitated and began to turn back.


The knock turned into pounding. It seemed urgent and it grabbed her attention away form the dark figure again. This time as the dark figure pulled it didn’t faze her and she kept walking towards the door.

“GABBY! Don’t open the door, what if it is someone dangerous?” The dark figure pleaded.

Gabby puts the chain on the door and turns the nob. Her heart was beating so violently that she could have sworn her ribs were going to break. It took her a couple of times to turn the nob because of the sweat on her palms being so profuse that she couldn’t get a grip. As she looked down she noticed a bit of light shinning in the crack at the bottom of the door. She looked over her left shoulder at the clock on the microwave in the kitchen at her apartment. 

“11:35 pm”

The light just made her all the more curious as to what was going on. When she noticed the dark figure wasn’t visible with her hand still on the door nob she turned her body to see what was going on. She noticed the dark figure on his knees begging her to not open the door. For the first time she noticed that she couldn’t hear anything he was saying, only see what was going on. Perplexed she turned back to the door realizing that the light from above her mirror was pointing at the door the whole time, she just saw her reflection from the residual light. As she cracked the door open she fell back on her rear end unable to keep her balance because of the radiance of the light from the other side of the door. 

“Gabby” called the voice behind the door. “Open the door and let me in, I love you.” 

Her heart sank, she couldn’t remember the last time she heard those words. With her right arm covering her eyes she made her way to the door to loose the chain. When she finally opened the door she fell to her knees because the light was just too bright for her to handle. Scared for her life she trembled all over uncontrollably. She began to weep so loud she was sure someone would hear and come to her rescue. Just then she felt a touch on her shoulder and it all went away. As she looked up she noticed a man with soft eyes and a soothing voice. 

“I am here to help. I heard you cry for help and came right away.” The man said. “I see that hole…” 

“You can see it?” Gabby interrupted. 

“Yes I can, and I know how to fix it.” He replied

“You can’t fix it, nothing can I have tried everything.” She said sadly. 

“Everything?” He asked

Gabby shook her head and in a sign of defeat she held up her hand to reveal the chain clasped to her wrist. Just then she noticed a strange looking key hanging around the man’s neck. She had never seen a key like that before and wondered what it was for. The man knowing what she was thinking smiled at her. 

“You see that key Gabby?”

“Yes.” She responded.

“I am the only one who has it, and I can not only unlock that chain, but I can also fill that hole.” He said to her. 

Gabby felt a sense of relief. She didn’t know why, but she trusted this guy unlike anyone she had ever trusted before. She looked over to the dark figure on the other end of the chain and he didn’t seem so big anymore. In comparison to the man, the dark figure began to look sick and small. She looked up at the man and slowly raised her arm to him. 

“I don’t know why, but I believe you.” She said to him.

The man took the key, fit it into a slot that she had never noticed before and the clasp came undone and fell to the floor. The man held out his hand as to offer to help Gabby up. Looking up at him her heart melted and instantly she fell in love with this stranger. She stood up, unable to break her gaze into his comforting eyes and unwilling to turn back to the dark figure she followed the man out of the apartment still holding his hand. 

“Gabby, come with me.” The man said

“Who are you?” She asked

“I am the Light.” He answered. “Come with me and lets get to know each other. I have more to do, will you help me?”

She looked into the dark apartment where she was once comfortable and saw the dark figure motioning for her to come back in. “Yes, but promise me that you won’t leave me alone.” She said to him. 

“I promise I will never leave you alone, and I will never let you down.” 

Hand and hand Gabby and the man who called himself the Light walked away from the apartment. A tear rolls down Gabby’s cheek, she realized that she was free, a feeling that she had never felt before. “Thank you” she said to the man. He put his arm around her and smiled, “I love you Gabby.”