So it is Tuesday morning and I try to post my sermon notes and thoughts on Sunday evening or Monday at the latest. The Holy Spirit hasn’t allowed me to do that, which kind of disappointed me considering I thought it was going to be a pretty good one. Sunday was an awesome day for me. Well, yesterday I got some news that really kind of iced the cake of crap that has made up my past couple of weeks. My family is in trouble. Not like, owe a bunch of large Italian guys money or legs will be broken trouble, but spiritual attack and physical illness. We have had a couple of pretty hard hits and some in my family (extended) are in some hurt right now. The truth is, being so far away my wife and I are kind of struggling emotionally with all that has happened back home.

This morning I was driving my youngest daughter to school and like normal we had the radio loud singing and worshiping God on the way. As I look over and see my little girl with her hands held high singing loudly to the Lord my heart melted and my soul leaped for joy. After dropping her off and on my way home I looked in the rearview at my little boy in the carseat as a song (I don’t even know which one) came on that just lifted my spirits and caused me to go into an emotional whirlwind.

I started to think about the troubles we are facing because of the troubles my family is facing. We hurt for those we love, and in some ways the struggles are directly impacting us. Siblings in distress on both sides of the family and parents that are seriously ill on the one has caused us to hurt a great deal. As I was thinking about these struggles I started to feel the weight lift and the joy of the Lord fill my heart. He brought to mind a truth that has set me free and a couple of thoughts that He wanted me to share.

1) Jesus loves us, that’s right, US. I know, I can’t figure it out either, but He loves me and you and there is just nothing we can do about it. Love is an incredible power given to us by the Creator of all that expresses more fully how He feels about us than any other emotion or word or example in existence today. I mean love in its most intimate form, the love that bonds two together for life as spouses is the kind of intimate love that only gives a glimpse into the love of Jesus for us, His bride. Being that as fact, when we set our hearts and efforts towards something else we essentially become unfaithful to Him. The scriptures are full of examples of people who are seeking after other gods and He calls them “an adulterous generation.” Still, over and over again we stray and Jesus takes us back. Not reluctantly, but openly and with joy! Like I said, I can’t figure it out. All I know is that I am guilty of that and Jesus keeps on taking me back, He loves me more than my infidelity and for that I am grateful.

2) All of this is temporary. It’s true, whether you believe in God or not, life is short. There is no getting around the fact that you are going to die, and half way there you will feel like you needed more time. More time for what? It doesn’t matter, the truth is we seek after things that will give us fulfillment and purpose. Well, at the end of your life and mine we will realize that it was all in vain. That’s right, for nothing. Unless we live for Him. We go towards Jesus and do what He tells us to do for His purpose. When we do this, we find all that we have been searching for. Purpose, fulfillment, happiness and joy, and the satisfaction of our desire to be loved. Nothing matters except for what He says matters. Not our pain, not our desires, none of that matters outside of what He wills. Why worry about circumstances when nothing you can do will change them? Worry only about His will and what He will have you do in any moment. That’s all, just Him. The only thing that really matters is Jesus. Bottom line.

3) People don’t change, that’s right I said it. They don’t, in fact, we try and change over and over again all of out lives. The problem is that we are people and by nature sinful. You want change? No president is going to give it to you. You want change? No dietitian or personal trainer can hand it to you. You want change? Then give up and submit to the one who offers you a new and full life. Jesus. This goes back to number 2; Jesus matters and that’s all. God changes people, people don’t change people. You need something different than what you currently have? Turn it over to God.

Basically, I have no idea why I am writing this. All I know is that God wanted me to. I know that Jesus is greater than all things. There are no troubles or successes that matter a heck of a whole lot without Jesus. Jesus is the King, that’s right, I serve Him and I suggest you to do the same. He is worthy and He has the answers. He promises wisdom to all who ask and to never leave or let us down. You say you love Him? Well, good, but He says that the way you show it is by obeying His commands. Love Him.