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Death. We spend our lives to avoid it at all costs. I mean AT ALL COSTS! Sparing no expense to keep ourselves alive for as long as possible, we spend endless dollars on trainers and remedies to keep us from meeting our inevitable end. Not only do we eat healthy, run a lot, and monitor our hearts, but we to keep our looks young keeping the fact that we are getting older in the dark. Shots and surgeries to keep us young cause the person in the glass reminds us that were rapidly approaching a reunion with a long lost friend. Out of sight, out of mind…right?

Even there it’s inescapable. “What was I going to say?” The mind begins to deteriorate, your heart begins to palpitate, your embarrassed of your mental state, before you know it your grandkids turn great.

Work hard to live, or not to die? We fear the place beyond the sky, we wonder what will happen the day we finally die. The fear of death rules our lives, it keeps us from doing, loving, and experience each season that life has to offer, wishing that we could stay in the “glory days”. Of all the things that we try to avoid, death is the one that always stays.

The fear of death right and true. Without the Christ there’s no hope for you. With Him, however, is a different truth. The life you live begins at death, and sting of fear of your last breath, will disappear and you’ll have rest. Life begins not at birth a life with Him is full of worth, but death is where the we see our birth. In heaven with Him we long to be, the glory of Him we long to see, an unapproachable light of majesty. To live is great and full of purpose, but to die… oh to die, is to truly live, and to truly live is to embrace death.