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To see the world through a child’s eyes would be more than a delight. Instead of seeing a large oak tree, you see a dragon of which to fight. The world around you becomes a kingdom you’re in charge to protect, as knight of the king your mission stands to defend him to the death. But alas the bushes were merely trolls that are fighting for the beast, the twigs and branches – those are snakes that are angry to say the least. Out numbered and facing defeat you pull your sword out from its sheath, you charge into the epic battle, “God save the King!!!”

A train becomes this giant beast that would plow through the tree, its body seems to stretch as far as you can see. It moves so fast no one can stop this beast from moving on, even the rocks seem to flee the beast that we have stumbled upon. Its scream startled you a bit cause it reaches to your bones, so loud a call it pierces your eardrums through your headphones. It shakes the ground as it passes by and its armor clanks and clings, this beast that is so great a sight as it approaches the warning bell dings. All things stop to marvel at its sight, nothing moves at all and stands still out of fear it will come back but you hope that it might.  As it goes out of sight as quickly as it came, what is the name of this beast, your mom calls it “train”.

It’s not a playground it’s the place where we’ll set off to sea, “I love you mom but I have to go my ship and crew await me.” “Shove off me hartie’s” your pirates cheer as your vessel sails away, an epic adventure awaits your crew – your third one of the day. From sea monsters to enemies whose treasure that you took. What is this? Your first mate’s turned on you, there’s mutiny a foot! You’ll duel until only one stands you’ll fight to control the ship, “but mommy I don’t want to leave, I promise that he slipped!”

To see the world through a child’s eyes must be such a sight to see, theres so much more to everything than what there seems to be. There would be constant adventure everywhere you go, the thought of it makes you sad that you ever had to grow. Alas there is a second chance to live the life of adventure that you miss, kneel down low and take their hands, and live it with your kids.