Over the past couple of weeks I have spent a good deal of time listening to and reading a lot of motivational material designed to help people believe in their ability to be successful. A lot of this stuff is really good and has helped me in my journey to transformation. I agree with a lot of it and am incredibly inspired by it as well.

Let me start off by saying 5 things that are important to remember.

1) There are ZERO limitations with God.

2) Self Confidence and a positive outlook are absolutely imperative for a successful life.

3) Without a vision and plan your life will stay where it is and never reach its full potential.

4) Follow your dreams, don’t give up, and remember that you are created to be great.

5) Stop filling your brain with negativity and “empty calories”, start filling it with knowledge and things that will edify you and those around you.

I believe these five things along with taking action towards your goals will result in success.

Herein lies the question. What is success? What do you consider successful?

In the material I’ve seen and heard, success is usually proven by financial gains or the accumulation of items or treasures. Is it possible that a successful life can be accompanied by financial gain? Yes. I think that it probably will be. However, the truly successful person doesn’t need financial gain to define their measure of success.

Why do you say that? 

Well, we have to define success and everything else for that matter from a perspective that is different from the world. If the world defines success in financial terms, then those same terms cannot be the definition of the successful person who is in Christ. See, the Christian who is considered successful isn’t defined by the standards of the world. So, this means that the man who lives on the streets, relying on others to survive, can be just as successful as the man who owns the block. The reason is because the successful person is a free person.

Free from what?

A person of great success is one who is free from the bondage of this world. Normally, this is applied to sin, and rightly so, but left there is (in my opinion) falling just short of the full meaning. Freedom offered by Christ includes everything that holds humanity down. The majority of humanity will live in mediocrity, this is in large due to the fact that we are held down by fear, doubt, and limitation. Christ offers freedom from all of these things. When we are set free, we are free from conformity to the world. We don’t have to think the same way, and we don’t have to live the same way. Our values change, our fears subside, and our limitations disappear. We are now free to dream and fulfill. Why? Well because we are now FREE!

The enemy rules this world. I know, it sucks, but it’s true. His whole purpose is to “steal, kill, and destroy…”, but Jesus said that He came to “give life, and life to the full.” Don’t here me wrong, this doesn’t necessarily mean that He came to make us rich (though he man and there is nothing wrong with that), which is the whole point. Abundance isn’t financially measured in the Kingdom of God, it’s measured by freedom. This also means that being financially well off isn’t wrong because the wealthy person is also not defined by his or her money.

If in your pursuit of success you find yourself limited by the money you make (or don’t make), renew your way of thinking and pursue success by measuring it with freedom. In Christ there is nothing that can stop His people from success. Not even money.

If you liked this please share it. I will take the next few days expounding on this a little more in detail, breaking it down and fleshing it out. If you have any comments please feel free to leave them. Again, share if you think someone might enjoy this and go be successful.