Every journey is going to be littered with distractions and adversities. I can’t think of one story of a great expedition that wasn’t plagued with obstacles that could have proven detrimental to the journey. In fact, the reason why we know of certain stories and don’t know of others is because the ones we never hear about are the ones who didn’t succeed. Well I know that’s obvious, but what i mean is that there are so many journeys that could have ended in greatness, but the person on that journey allowed either distraction or difficulty to stop the journey. Often times in fictional stories the character on a journey runs into those who have started it but didn’t finish it for one reason or another. They stopped half way and built a house in a little town where they met someone or started another task, never to return to the journey. Maybe they met adversity, and instead of continuing the fight or finding the solution they stopped in their tracks and went no further, too embarrassed to return having failed. 

Our journeys towards are dreams and goals are no different. That’s right, they are no different than the stories of victory we hear, or the ones of failure we read along the way. The only difference is whether or not we choose to stop, or continue on.


Distractions are everywhere. We meet distraction on a regular basis and often times don’t even recognize it until it’s too late. “I’m going to take a little break and watch tv, I’ll get back to my assignment later.” The next thing you know, your struggling to find the time to finish what you started and never really finish what you started. Enough distractions and you find yourself giving up on the journey all together. How many people do you know who started college to become a doctor or lawyer, but ended up distracted by the “college life” so much so that they got “too far behind” and quit all together? I can think of quite a few, myself being one of them. Distractions come in many different forms, but if not realized they are hard to avoid.

Distractions aren’t always bad. What if you meet “the one” while on your journey? Taking a journey and avoiding relationships is kind of stupid. Why? Because we were created to be in relationship, and missing on the opportunity to build them is kind of contrary to the way we were built. However, allowing them to stop you is just as stupid. The best people to invest in, are the ones who will join you on the journey. Now your not only building relationships, but a team to help the journey be a success! So yes, relational distractions can be good, only if they are brief, and only if they don’t keep you from fulfilling the journey.


Well, I don’t guess there is any reason why I should have to explain what difficulties are. If there is one guarantee in life, difficulty is it. Life is hard, and there is no escaping the difficulties it throws at you. The thing about difficulties is that you should always be expecting them, but you can never know what to expect. They will come, but in what form. I think that the nature of difficulties is that they are usually unexpected situations. There is usually no timeline and no description of what they will be until you are right in the thick of it.

Difficulties are where you grow. This is what is exciting about them. When you find your ship in the middle of the storm, you learn how to weather it. This way, when the next storm comes, you know what you’re doing. Uncomfortable? Yes, but man are they valuable. Difficulties are what make us strong and build endurance along the way, these are what make the journey an adventure.

So stay focused on your mission. Keep your dreams in sight. Don’t let the distractions of this world keep you from reaching the full potential you were created with. When difficulties present themselves, face them head on, knowing that you will be stronger because of them. Successful people are the ones who stay focused and keep on pushing till the end. As Les Brown once said, “It isn’t over until I win.”